Non-Destructive Testing of Welds book cover

Non-Destructive Testing of Welds

This book emphasises the need for non-destructive testing and evaluation of welded components, with due coverage of various aspects of welding technology. Different types of welding process are covered in detail, along with weld defects, weld appropriateness, quality classes and all conventional and advanced NDT techniques. There is also in-depth coverage of residual stress analysis in weldments, automation and robotics in NDT and weld failures, and with the further extensive information on fracture mechanics concepts and quality control, this truly is a unique book. All professionals and students in welding technology and NDT will find it most useful.

Hardbound, 260 Pages

Published: January 2000

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84265-005-9


  • Visual inspection; Liquid penetrant testing; Magnetic particle testing; Eddy current testing; Ultrasonic testing; Radiography testing; Acoustic emission technique; Leak testing; Thermography testing; In situ metallography; Residual stress analysis in weldments; Automation and robots in NDT; Computers in weld inspection technology; Intelligent welding; Fracture mechanics concepts; Weld related failures: Case studies; Quality control in production welding; Welding codes and standards.


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