Nocton & Gedeit

Nocton & Gedeit's On Call Paediatrics

An easily-accessible paediatric medical resource for junior doctors and paediatric specialists

Nocton & Gedeit's On Call Paediatrics is an instant reference or practice book for medical students and junior medical officers with otherwise limited exposure to paediatric issues.

The book consolidates a broad range of common paediatric problems - both acute and intensive - into a single user-friendly medical guide. Each problem is supported by the necessary clinical skills and rational steps that must be considered from the outset.

Nocton & Gedeit's On Call Paediatrics follows the established format of the ‘On Call’ series, using techniques such as the ‘telephone call’, ‘bedside’ and ‘acute corridor consult’ as essentials for effective clinical troubleshooting in paediatric issues.

As well as being the ultimate ‘On Call’ guide, this reputable paediatric textbook is extremely useful as a learning tool for those on paediatric rotation.


Published: September 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7912-4


  • Section 1: Introduction

    Chapter 1: Diagnosis and Management of On Call

    Chapter 2: Communicating with colleagues and families

    Chapter 3: Common mistakes

    Chapter 4: Remembering your ABCs

    Chapter 5: Teaching (and learning) while on call

    Section 2: Patient Related problems

    Chapter 6: Abdominal pain

    Chapter 7: Altered mental status

    Chapter 8: Analgesics and antipyretic

    Chapter 9: Bleeding

    Chapter 10: Chest pain

    Chapter 11: Constipation

    Chapter 12: Crying and the irritable infant

    Chapter 13: Cyanosis

    Chapter 14: Delivery room problems

    Chapter 15: Diarrhoea and dehydration

    Chapter 16: Extremity pain

    Chapter 17: Eye problems and visual abnormalities

    Chapter 18: Fever

    Chapter 19: Gastrointestinal bleeding

    Chapter 20: Genitourinary problems

    Chapter 21: Headache

    Chapter 22: Heart rate and rhythm abnormalities

    Chapter 23: Hematuria

    Chapter 24: Hypertension

    Chapter 25: Hypotension and shock

    Chapter 26: Lines, tubes and drains

    Chapter 27: Rashes

    Chapter 28: Respiratory distress

    Chapter 29: Seizures

    Chapter 30: Urine output abnormalities

    Chapter 31: Vomiting

    Section 3: laboratory related problems

    Chapter 32: Acidosis and alkalosis

    Chapter 33: Anaemia, thrombocytopenia and coagulation abnormalities

    Chapter 34: Electrolyte abnormalities

    Chapter 35: Glucose disorders

    Chapter 36: Hyperbilirubinemia

    Chapter 37: Dental Emergencies

    Section 4: additional chapters

    Chapter 38: Fluid & electrolyte disorders - medical & surgical

    Chapter 39: Appropriate use of intravenous fluids and ORT

    Chapter 40: Comatosed and unconscious child

    Chapter41: Poisoning and drug/medication problems

    Chapter 42: Acute behavioural distrurbance

    Chapter 43: Approach to psychosis and the addicted child

    Chapter 44: Metabolic problems

    Chapter 45: Allergy

    Chapter 46: Musculoskeletal problems and joint pain

    Chapter 47: Head, neck and dental problems



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