Embodiment and Epigenesis: Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Understanding the Role of Biology within the Relational Developmental System

Part B, Ontogenetic Dimensions

Edited by

  • Richard M Lerner
  • Janette B. Benson, Morgridge College of Education and Department of Psychology, University of Denver, CO, USA

Volume 45 of Advances in Child Development and Behavior includes chapters that highlight some the most recent research in the area of embodiment and epigenesis.

A wide array of topics are discussed in detail, including multiple trajectories in the developmental psychobiology of human handedness and the integration of culture and biology in human development.

Each chapter provides in-depth discussions, and this volume serves as an invaluable resource for developmental or educational psychology researchers, scholars, and students.

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Developmental or educational psychology researchers, scholars, and students.


Book information

  • Published: May 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-397946-9

Table of Contents

Embodiment and Epigenesis: A View of the Issues
Richard M. Lerner and Janette B. Benson

  1. Dynamic Models of biological pattern formation have some surprising implications for understanding the epigenetics of development
    Peter C. M. Molenaar and Lawrence Lo
  2. A Developmental Systems Approach to Executive Function
    Ulrich Mueller, Lesley Baker and Emanuela Yeung
  3. No Genes for Intelligence in the Fluid Genome
    Mae-Wan Ho
  4. The Lost Study: A 1998 Adoption Study of Personality That Found No Genetic Relationship Between Birthparents and Their 240 Adopted-Away Biological Offspring
    Jay Joseph
  5. A relational developmental systems approach to moral development
    Jeremy I. M. Carpendale, Sherrie Atwood and Stuart I. Hammond
  6. Adolescent Rationality
    David Moshman
  7. Developing through Relations: An Embodied Coactive Systems Framework
    Michael Mascolo
  8. Multiple trajectories in the developmental psychobiology of human handedness
    George Michel, Eliza L. Nelson, Iryna Babik, Julie M. Campbell and Emily C. Marcinowski
  9. Positive Movement Experiences: Approaching the study of athletic participation, exercise, and leisure activity through relational developmental systems theory and the concept of embodiment
    Jennifer P. Agans, Reidar Safvenbom, Edmond Bowers and Richard M. Lerner
  10. Integration of Culture and Biology in Human Development
    Jayanthi Mistry