Next Generation of International Chemical Additives

A Critical Review of Current US Patents


  • Thomas F. DeRosa, Southbury, Connecticut, USA

The objective is writing ‘Next Generation Chemical Additives’ to identify the next generation chemical additives for eight selected industries. The text will also provide methods for their preparation, additive treatment levels, and testing methods to evaluate additive performance. To ensure optimum performance of materials and products, chemists, formulators, and blenders must be provided with the most current information on existing chemical additives. It is even more essential that corporate operations officers can easily identify the next generation of chemical additives. In addition to this a critical comparison will be given with the existing additives.
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chemists and chemical engineers working in the research and development within the following industries: automotive, biotechnology and biomedical, consumer goods, engineering companies for new materials, fibers, Food industry, plastics, polymer alloys and composites. The book could also be useful to process engineers in these industries.


Book information

  • Published: August 2012
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53788-1

Table of Contents

1 Adhesives
2 Antioxidants
3 Automotive Additives
4 Automotive Tire Additives
5 Battery and Charge Extenders
6 Carpets
7 Colorants
8 Composites
9 Cosmetics
10 Dental Adhesives
11 Disinfectants
12 Dispersants
13 Drilling Additives
14 Drug Delivery
15 Electronic Additives
16 Extreme Pressure Additives
17 Films
18 Fire Retardants
19 Flame Suppresants
20 Food Additives
21 INK
22 Laundrey
23 Medical
24 Ophthalmology
25 Paint Additives
26 Photography
27 Polymers
28 Powder Coating Additives
29 Surfactants
30 Textile Additives
31 Water Treatment