Next Generation Datacenters in Financial Services book cover

Next Generation Datacenters in Financial Services

Driving Extreme Efficiency and Effective Cost Savings

Financial markets are witnessing an unprecedented explosion in the availability of data, and the firms that survive will be able to leverage this information to increase their profit and expand their opportunities in a global world. Large firms must build their own datacenters to manage this data. In such an environment, the CIO’s ability is crucial to lead an effective data strategy to capture, process, and connect data to all the relevant lines of business. At the core of this strategy lies the datacenter - the repository of all information. While there are books that discuss the mechanics, hardware and technicalities of datacenters, no book has yet made the connection between enterprise strategy and datacenter investment, design and management. Next Generation DataCenters in Financial Services is a solution driven book for management that demonstrates how to leverage technology to manage the seemingly infinite amount of data available today. Each chapter offers cutting-edge management and technology solutions to effectively manage data through datacenters.

Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and Chief Operating Officers (COO) of financial services firms.

Paperback, 312 Pages

Published: July 2009

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-374956-7


  • Tony brings together a rare combination of business alignment and IT discipline to solving the crisis firms face with their datacenters.  His proven track record resonates throughout the book with sound, logical advice for firms to implement transformation in a consumable building block manner.  The strategy blueprint laid out methodically in the book can be best summarized for readers as business differentiation through IT transformation.
    --George A. Vega, CIB Managing Director, Global Markets & Investment Banking Technology


  • Chapter 1: The Accelerating Need for Data CentersChapter 2: Challenges in Legacy Architecture Chapter 3: Meta-IT: Align Business and IT for Results Chapter 4: Design from the Top-DownChapter 5: Implement the Right Choices from Hardware to SoftwareChapter 6: Extreme Optimization and Eco-fficiencyChapter 7: Manage for Scale and Evolution Chapter 8: Leading Vendors and Service Providers


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