Newnes Dictionary of Electronics book cover

Newnes Dictionary of Electronics

The revised edition of the Newnes Dictionary of Electronics includes a substantial new section devoted to acronyms and abbreviations. So if you think you know the meaning of ADDER, LAP, FIB, SPICE or WORM, we recommend you check in the Newnes Dictionary of Electronics first.

Engineers, technicians, students and amateurs.

Paperback, 389 Pages

Published: March 2002

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5642-9


  • 'Ideal for engineers, technicians, students or interested amateurs, this is a reference book par excellence, with TV, radio and computing terms all being included as well as the more basic definitions.' Electronics World 'A concise and compact dictionary that seems to cover enough, but not too much.' Electronics Australia 'The definitions range from one sentence to a short essay, some with illustrations as necessary for clarity. The fourth edition incorporates new technology, chiefly in the field of computing and data-processing equipment. An appendix lists abbreviations and acronyms.' Book News, Inc, Portland, OR 'Recommended for all libraries, including specialized engineering libraries, academic and public libraries.' E-Streams Vol6 #10 - Oct 2003


  • Listing of electronics terms


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