New Product Development in Textiles

Innovation and Production

Edited by

  • L Horne, University of Manitoba, Canada

An increasingly important feature across the technical textile industry is to produce textiles faster and to have more effective new product development (NPD). New product development in textiles: Innovation and production not only provides a fascinating overview of how products are launched, but is also a source of practical guidance for developing textile products successfully.

Part one provides a general overview of innovation and textile product development that introduces the reader to the principles of developing and defining new products. Part two goes on to discuss a collection of international studies from across the textile industry. Chapters describe actual new product development projects, identifying the problems that were faced and what can be learnt from these projects, such as customer co-creation and methods for reducing the risk in NPD. Topics range from technical textiles and apparel to the end uses of textiles used within the automotive and packaging industries.

With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors New product development in textiles: Innovation and production is an essential guide for academics and textile development professionals worldwide, in sectors ranging from design, production and marketing through to management.
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Academics and textile development professionals, in sectors ranging from design, production and marketing through to management


Book information

  • Published: November 2011
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-538-5


A valuable addition to the literature on NPD... An essential guide for textile development professionals and academics worldwide because of the breadth of information it contains., Textile Month International

Table of Contents

Part 1 General overview of innovation and textile product development: Innovation: Concepts and developments in the 21st Century; Practical aspects of innovation in the textile industry; Textile product development and definition. Part 2 New product development of textiles: New product development in knitted textiles; Fabrics and new product development; New product development in automotive upholstery; Nanotechnology innovation for future development in the textile industry; New product development in interior textiles; New product development for e-textiles: Experiences from the forefront of a new industry; Customer co-creation: Moving beyond market research to reduce the risk in new product development; The development and marketing of SilverClear®.