New Millennium Fibers book cover

New Millennium Fibers

Looking forward to the future it is clear that today’s narrow concept of fiber as a basic element for textiles, ropes and nets will become an outmoded notion. The emphasis will instead shift to new and exciting developments in fiber technology and their applications, exploring such fields as biomimetics, nanotechnology and biodegradability.

New millennium fibers describes and identifies the scope of high-tech fibers. The present status and prospects of the fiber/textile technology are discussed and the high performance fibers are reviewed from origin to future applications, including carbon fiber.The themes of the book are summarised with a discussion on health care and the environment.

As the 21st century progresses fibers will enter into more novel and unexpected applications. We are approaching the age of the wearable computer and organic electroluminescence wearable displays. New potential is open in the fields of car and aerospace industry, civil engineering, separation membranes using hollow fibers for artificial organs, biodegradable fiber for ecological conservation and fibers with biological functions.

New millennium fibers explores the exciting roles that fibers will play in the future and will be an essential book for all of those in the textile and fashion industry involved in fiber development or use.

Hardbound, 312 Pages

Published: May 2005

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-601-6


  • This is an essential book for those concerned with research and development in the fibre science and technology, industrial design and marketing., Textile Month


  • Searching the root of fibers; The new frontier fibers? Superfibers; Carbon fiber expands toward twenty-first century; High-function fiber; Frontier of health and comfort fiber; Polymer fibers for health and nutrition; Fibers in medical applications; Developments in nano-fiber for the new millennium.


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