New Fibers


  • T Hongu, NEDO Working Group for Nano-fiber Technology Survey
  • G O Phillips, Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Ltd, UK

The first edition of New Fibers was enthusiastically received by a worldwide audience and this second edition has provided an opportunity to revise and update its contents and examine new developments since 1990.

There have been considerable changes in the nature of the fibers being produced, the production methods and in consumers' values and expectations. Since 1990, the march of high-tech fibers has continued, with an ever increasing sub-division to meet specialised applications, as in high performance, high-function and high-sense fibers.
New research and development has produced fibers with high tenacity and modulus to give the super-fibers now used as industrial materials. The more aesthetic and comfortable modern lifestyle has given rise to improved Shin-gosen and it is this springboard that leads on to 'fibers for the next millennium', the subject of a new chapter. Another new chapter examines the resurgence of synthetic cellulosics since 1990, in particular the various solvent-spun fibers of the Lyocell and Tencell families.
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Textile scientists; Technologists; Engineers and those designing and manufacturing textiles; Academics and researchers in the textile field


Book information

  • Published: January 1997
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-85573-334-3


The special feature of this book is not only in giving an understanding and account of known possibilities, but also in describing the invention of new fibers and fibrous materials with unexpected and interesting properties and applications., Journal of The Textile Institute

Table of Contents

Birth of new fibers; The super fiber with new performance; High touch fibers; Biomimetic chemistry and fibers; Biopolymer frontiers; Progression of high-tech fibers; New high-tech fibers and Shin-Gosen; Cellulosic man-made fibers; Fibers for the next millennium.