New and Future Developments in Catalysis

Catalysis by Nanoparticles

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  • Steven Suib, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Director, Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut, USA His expertise is in the field of solid state inorganic chemistry including studies of zeolites and microporous materials; physical chemistry; environmental chemistry including green syntheses, heterogeneous catalysis; plasma chemistry and catalysis; semiconductors; inorganic photochemistry; photocatalysis; batteries; ceramics. Preparation and characterization of these systems using structural, crystallographic, surface, electrochemical, luminescence, microscopic and EPR techniques.

New and Future Developments in Catalysis is a package of seven books that compile the latest ideas concerning alternate and renewable energy sources and the role that catalysis plays in converting new renewable feedstock into biofuels and biochemicals. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts and catalytic processes will be discussed in a unified and comprehensive approach. There will be extensive cross-referencing within all volumes.

The use of catalysts in the nanoscale offers various advantages (increased efficiency and less byproducts), and these are discussed in this volume along with the various catalytic processes using nanoparticles. However, this is not without any risks and the safety aspects and effects on humans and the environment are still unknown. The present data as well as future needs are all part of this volume along with the economics involved.
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Chemists, chemical engineers, and biochemical engineers working in academic and government research; academics, research students, post graduate and graduate students in these areas of study; materials scientists, environmental engineers, biochemists, petroleum engineers, post graduate and research students in these areas


Book information

  • Published: July 2013
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53874-1


"Chemists and material scientists survey nanometer-sized particles that have an influence on catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability and modern synthetic methods used to make nano-sized particles. The topics include nanoparticle catalysis for reforming biomass-derived fuels, thin iron heme enzyme films on electrode and nanoparticles for biocatalysis, insights into heterogeneous catalysis through surface science techniques, hydrogenation by nanoparticle catalysts…"--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013

Table of Contents

1 - Gold-Based Catalysts for CO Oxidation, the Water-Gas Shift, and Desulfurization Processes (Jose A. Rodriguez)
2 - Structural and Electronic Properties of Group 6 Transition Metal Oxide Clusters (Shenggang Li and, David A. Dixon)
3 - Nanoparticle Catalysis for Reforming of Biomass-Derived Fuels (Maura Koehle, Ashish Mhadeshwar)
4 - Nanoparticles in Biocatalysis (Kheireddine El-Boubbou, Christopher C. Landry)
5 - Thin Iron Heme Enzyme Films on Electrodes and Nanoparticles for Biocatalysis (Sadagopan Krishnan, James F Rusling)
6 - Nanoparticles as Enzyme Mimics (Rute Andre, Filipe Natalio, Wolfgang Tremel)
7 - A Physical Approach to Monitoring Biological Activity of Nanoparticulates (Amar Nath)
8 - Morphology-Tailored Titania Nanoparticles (Vicente Rives)
9 - Metal Oxide Nanotube, Nanorod, and Quantum Dot Photocatalysis (Kenneth J. Balkus Jr.)
10 - Photocatalytic Nanooxides: The Case of TiO2 and ZnO (Ana Iglesias-Juez, Anna Kubacka, Gerardo Colon, Marcos Fernandez-Garcia)
11 - Recent Advances in Photocatalytic Processes by Nanomaterials (A.R. Khataee, M. Fathinia)
12 - Insights into Heterogeneous Catalysis through Surface Science Techniques (C.P. Vinod)
13 - Block Copolymer Lithography (David A. Boyd)
14 - Multi-Metallic Nanoparticles as More Efficient Catalysts for Fuel Cell Reactions (Shaojun Guo, Sally Fae Ho, Shouheng Sun)
15 - Hydrogenation by Nanoparticle Catalysts (Hema Ramsurn, Ram B. Gupta)
16 - Silicone Stabilized Nanoparticles as Hybrid Phase Catalysts for Selective Hydrolytic Oxidation of Hydrosilanes (Bhanu P.S. Chauhan, Alok Sarkar, Moni Chauhan)
17 - Basics of PEMFC Including the Use of Carbon-Supported Nanoparticles (Frederic Maillard, Nathalie Job, Marian Chatenet)
18 - Supported Gold Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalysts (Ana Primo, Hermenegildo Garcia)
19 - Developing Semiconductive Catalysts with Three-Dimensional Nanobranches via Solution Routes (Huajun Zhou, Z.Ryan Tian)
20 - Nanoparticle Catalysis by Surface Plasmon (Mengtao Sun)