Never Mind the Web book cover

Never Mind the Web

Here Comes the Book

This key book examines the role of the printed book in contemporary societies, its demographics and its relation to the other media. It analyzes the differences among various national book industries throughout Europe and the USA, and the reasons and impact of the differences. Both the effect of digital technologies and the reasons why e-books did not substitute the printed book, as predicted in mid-nineties, are explored.

Paperback, 204 Pages

Published: September 2008

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-405-6


  • ...enjoy this intelligent, proactive book for yourself., Springer Publishing Res. Quarterly
    …this book is well worth reading and forms a valuable counterweight to much of the rapid tepid, conformist LIS literature., Library Review
    Summarises effectively the intellectual development made possible by printing, and, in a useful comparison, shows how digital technology is causing a similar contemporary rupture both to the established printing industry, and to the world at large., The Electronic Library


  • Introduction; The book: this charming old lady; Printing and the birth of modernity; The European and American book markets; Social context of the book; An anorexic dachshund with a long tail; The e-book is a paper tiger.


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