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Neutron Scattering

This work covers in some detail the application of neutron scattering to different fields of physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, the earth sciences and engineering. Its goal is to enable researchers in a particular area to identify aspects of their work in which neutron scattering techniques might contribute, conceive the important experiments to be done, assess what is required to carry them out, write a successful proposal for one of the major user facilities, and perform the experiments under the guidance of the appropriate instrument scientist.

The authors of the various chapters take account of the advances in experimental techniques over the past 25 years--for example, neutron reflectivity and spin-echo spectroscopy and techniques for probing the dynamics of complex materials and biological systems. Furthermore, with the third-generation spallation sources recently constructed in the United States and Japan and in the advanced planning stage in Europe, there is an increasing interest in time-of-flight techniques and short wavelengths. Correspondingly, the improved performance of cold moderators at both reactors and spallation sources has extended the long-wavelength capabilities.

Experimental research workers; practitioners in academic, government and industrial institutions; graduate students in physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Hardbound, 576 Pages

Published: November 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-398374-9


  • "...aims to cover the three-dimensional landscape of the neutron methods, the scientific topics and the potential users. It succeeds nicely in doing providing a source of information for both experts as well as potential (new) users."--Neutron News,Oct 30 2014


  • Preface by the Editors
    1. Introduction to neutron scattering, D.L. Price, K. Sköld, and F. Fernandez-Alonso
    2. Neutron sources, F.J. Bermejo and F. Sordo
    3. Experimental techniques, M. Arai
    4. Structures of complex materials, S. Capelli
    5. Large-scale structures, J. Penfold and I. Tucker
    6. Dynamics of atoms and molecules (including relaxation phenomena and stochastic processes), G.J. Kearley and M. Johnson
    Appendix. Neutron scattering lengths and cross sections, J. Dawidowski et al.


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