Neurotransmitters in Epilepsy book cover

Neurotransmitters in Epilepsy

This volume presents recent information on the role of neurotransmitters in epileptogenesis. Organized into five sections, the first section addresses the various experimental models of epilepsy used for studying neurotransmitter mechanisms. The second section is concerned with the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid, and the third with studies that have led to new insights into the role of excitatory amino acids in mediating epileptic phenomena. The fourth section considers the possible anticonvulsant action of adenosine, as well as the role of acetylcholine and noradrenaline in neuronal graft-dependent suppression and induction of epileptic activity, while the final section contains a series of reports of investigations into the roles of various neurotransmitters in chronic animal models of epilepsy, including genetic ones, as well as human epilepsy.

This excellent book is of multidisciplinary character, combining contributions from different fields of neuroscience in an integrated approach to the neurobiology of the epilepsies.


Published: October 1992

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-89710-7


  • In terms of scientific excellence and editorial quality, it is the best of the volumes to date.


  • Historical introduction. 1 chapter by, (H.H. Jasper). I. Experimental models. 3 chapters by, (J. Engel, Jr.; R.G. Fariello, D.S. Garant). II. Gaba. 12 chapters by, (D.A. Prince, et al.; U. Misgeld; O. Taleb, et al.; M.K. Ticku, et al.; R.M. Joy, et al.; A. Concas, et al.; R. Bernasconi, et al.; S.L Moshé, et al.; R. Spreafico, et al.; G. Avanzini, et al.; G. Kostopoulos, et al.;). III. Excitatory amino acids. 13 chapters by, (J.J. Hablitz, et al.; U. Heinemann, et al.; W.A. Wilson, et al.; E. Cherubini, et al.; R.S. G. Jones, et al.; D.W. Bonhaus, et al.; N.G. Bowery, et al.; R.S. Fisher, et al.; A. Lehmann; B.A. Engelsen, et al.; J. W. Ferkany, et al.; K. Gale, et al.;). IV. Other transmitters. 7 chapters by, (T.W. Stone, et al.; P. Schubert; T.F. Murray, et al.; Y. Yaari, et al.; G. Buzsáki, et al.; D.M. Treiman, et al.;). V. Chronic models and human epilepsy. 12 chapters by, (J.L. Meyerhoff, et al.; I. Mody, et al.; S. Franceschetti, et al.; P.K. Stanton, et al.; C. Marescaux, et al.; O. Carter Snead III, et al.; C. Chavoix, et al.; J. Louvel, et al; Y. Ben-Ari, et al.; A. Hamberger, et al.; R.W. Olsen, et al.;). Author index. Subject index.


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