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Fundamentals for Rehabilitation

This practical guide connects the theory of neuroscience with real-world clinical application by utilizing first person accounts of neurological disorders and in-depth case studies. It also provides clear descriptions of a complete range of neurological disorders. Special features such as "at-a-glance" summaries, pathology boxes, and hundreds of full-color illustrations, enhance the learning experience and make it easy to master the fundamentals of neuroscience rehabilitation.


Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-4974-4


  • 1: Introduction to Neuroscience

    Part 1: Neuroscience at the Cellular Level

    2. Physical and Electrical Properties of Cells in the Nervous System

    3. Synapses and Synaptic Transmissions

    4. Neuroplasticity

    Part 2: Development of the Nervous System

    5. Development of the Nervous System

    Part 3: Neuroscience at the System Level

    6. Somatosensory System

    7. Somatosensation: Clinical Applications

    8. Neuropathic Pain, Pain Matrix Dysfunction, and Pain Syndromes

    9. Autonomic Nervous System

    10. Normal Motor System: Motor Neurons

    11. Basal Ganglia, Cerebellum, and Movement

    Part 4: Neuroscience at the Regional Level

    12. Peripheral Nervous System

    13. Spinal Region

    14. Cranial Nerves

    15. Brain Stem Region

    16. Vestibular and Visual Systems

    17. Cerebrum

    18. Cerebrum: Clinical Applications

    Part 5: Support Systems

    19. Support Systems: Blood Supply and Cerebrospinal Fluid System


    Appendix A: Gross Anatomy Atlas



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