Neurons: Methods and Applications for the Cell Biologist book cover

Neurons: Methods and Applications for the Cell Biologist

This book lays out numerous simple techniques for growing and carrying out experiments with many varieties of neurons. Subjects include peripheral and central neurons from vertebrate and invertebrate sources, as well as neuron-like cell lines. It also explains recent advances in our ability to introduce exogenous proteins and genes to neurons in culture. Procedures for successful protein infiltration, biolistic transfection, electroporation, and viral transgenic methods in neurons are also presented.

Cell and Molecular Biologists, developmental biologists and neuroscientists

Included in series
Methods in Cell Biology

Hardbound, 500 Pages

Published: July 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-352565-9


  • Comparing the Properties of Neuronal Culture Systems Growing and Working with Peripheral NeuronsDissection and Culturing of Chick Ciliary Ganglion NeuronsThe Culture of Chick Forebrain NeuronsGrowing and Working with Spinal Motor NeuronsAvian Purkinje Neuronal CulturesCulturing Hippocampal and Cortical NeuronsWorking with Xenopus Spinal Neurons in Live Cell CultureCulturing Neurons from the Snail HelisomaThe Ti1 Pioneer PathwayTechniques to Dissect Cellular and Subcellular Function in Drosphila Nervous SystemPC12 Cells as a Model for Studies of Regulated Secretion in Neuronal and Endocrine Cells and more.


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