Neuronal Networks in Brain Function, CNS Disorders, and Therapeutics

Edited by

  • Carl Faingold, Department of Pharmacology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, USA
  • Hal Blumenfeld, Departments of Neurology, Neurobiology and Neurosurgery, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA

Neuronal Networks in Brain Function, CNS Disorders, and Therapeutics, edited by two leaders in the field, offers a current and complete review of what we know about neural networks. How the brain accomplishes many of its more complex tasks can only be understood via study of neuronal network control and network interactions. Large networks can undergo major functional changes, resulting in substantially different brain function and affecting everything from learning to the potential for epilepsy.

With chapters authored by experts in each topic, this book advances the understanding of:

  • How the brain carries out important tasks via networks
  • How these networks interact in normal brain function
  • Major mechanisms that control network function
  • The interaction of the normal networks to produce more complex behaviors
  • How brain disorders can result from abnormal interactions
  • How therapy of disorders can be advanced through this network approach

This book will benefit neuroscience researchers and graduate students with an interest in networks, as well as clinicians in neuroscience, pharmacology, and psychiatry dealing with neurobiological disorders.

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Neuroscience researchers, clinical neuroscience practitioners, neuropharmacologists


Book information

  • Published: January 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-415804-7

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Neuronal Networks of the Brain
  Carl L. Faingold and Hal Blumenfeld
2. Network Computer Modeling
  Alain Destexhe
3. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Epilepsy:  Methods and Applications Using Awake Animals
  Craig F. Ferris and Jeffrey Tenney
4. Network Experimental Approaches:  Inactivation, Microinjection, Neuronal Stimulation, and Recording
  Hua-Jun Feng and Carl L. Faingold
5. Network Experimental Approaches – ex vivo and ex vivo Networks
  Victor V. Uteshev
6. Network Imaging and Neuronal Firing
  Jennifer Nai-Zhen Guo and Hal Blumenfeld
7. Network Control Mechansims - Neuroactive Substances and Cellular Inputs
  Carl L. Faingold
8. Network Control Mechanisms – Volume Transmission
  Luigi Agnati and Kjell Fuxe
9. Electrophysiological Mechanisms of Network Control: Bursting in the brain - from cells to networks
  Taufik A. Valiante and Peter L. Carlen
10. Network Control Mechanisms – Cellular milieu
  Victor V. Uteshev, Alexander G. Gusev and Evgeny A. Sametsky
11. Neuronal Network Mechanisms - Sex and Development
  Aristea S. Galanopoulou and Solomon Moshé
12. Astrocytic regulation of synapses, neuronal networks and behavior
  T Fellin
13. The Fear Memory Network
  Glenn E. Schafe
14. Orchestration of the Circadian Clock Network  by the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
  Shelley Tischkau
15. mTOR signaling in cortical network development
  Tiffany V. Lin and Angelique Bordey
16. Network Control Mechanisms - Synaptogenesis and Epilepsy Development
  Kevin J. Staley, Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen, Waldemar Swiercz and F. Edward Dudek
17. The Brain and Spinal Cord Networks Controlling Locomotion
  Larry M. Jordan and Urszula Sławińska
18. The Brainstem Respiratory  Network
  Tara G. Bautista, Teresa E. Pitts, Paul M. Pilowsky and Kendall F. Morris
19. Visual Network
  Moran Furman
20. Auditory Neuronal Networks and Chronic Tinnitus
  Thomas J. Brozoski and Carol A. Bauer
21. Consciousness and subcortical arousal systems
  Joshua Motelow and Hal Blumenfeld
22. Networks of Normal and Disordered Sleep
  Pierre-Herve Luppi
23. Networks for the Modulation of Acute and Chronic Pain
  Inna Sukhotinsky
24. Networks in Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  Hamada Hamid
25. Neuronal Networks and Therapeutics in Neurodegenerative Disorders
  Duarte Machado
26. Neuronal Networks in Epilepsy:  Comparative Audiogenic Seizure Networks
  Carl L. Faingold, Manish Raisinghani and Prosper N’Gouemo
27. Physiological and Pathophysiological Expansion of Neuronal Networks
  Prosper N’Gouemo, Norbert Garcia-Cairasco and Carl L. Faingold
28. Neuronal Network Plasticity and Network Interactions are Critically Dependent on Conditional Multireceptive (CMR) Brain Regions
  Carl L. Faingold, Awais Riaz and James Stittsworth
29. Neuronal Network Interactions in the Startle Reflex, Learning Mechanisms, and CNS Disorders, Including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
  Carl L. Faingold and Srinivasan Tupal
30. Emergent properties of Neuronal Networks
  Carl L. Faingold
31. Neuronal Network Involvement in Stimulation Therapies for CNS Disorders
  Carl L. Faingold
32. Neuronal Network Effects of Drug Therapies for CNS Disorders
  Carl L. Faingold
33. Future Trends in Neuronal Networks - Selective and Combined Targeting of Network Hubs
  Carl L. Faingold and Hal Blumenfeld