Neurology for General Practitioners book cover

Neurology for General Practitioners

An invaluable neurological guide for primary care physicians

Neurology for General Practitioners is written specifically for general practitioners (GPs) - typically the first point of contact for patients suffering neurological conditions.

Written by neurologist and academic, Roy Beran, Neurology for General Practitioners assists in the diagnosis of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. It also addresses the majority of common disorders encountered in general practice.

As well as being an excellent diagnostic resource, Neurology for General Practitioners will prove a helpful tool for doctors looking to refer patients for consultant opinion and manage ongoing complications at a primary care level.

Chapters in this compact guide are structured around clinical management - including history, examination, investigation and treatment - and backed by clinical examples and explanations.

As general practitioners are usually the first to see the early signs and symptoms of neurological disorders, this clinical practice handbook will be of enormous benefit to primary health care physicians, family physicians, rural doctors and isolated practitioners alike. This must-have medical text is also ideal for neurology trainees.


General Practitioners in metropolitan areas.


Published: November 2011

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-8080-9


  • Chapter 1: The neurological diagnostic consultation

    Chapter 2: The neurological exaination: higher centres

    Chapter 3: The neurological examination: cranial nerves

    Chapter 4: The neurological examination: peripheral nervous system

    Chapter 5: Non-organic neurological diseases

    Chapter 6: Headache

    Chapter 7: Epilepsy

    Chapter 8: Vertigo

    Chapter 9: Parkinson's Disease

    Chapter 10: Multiple sclerosis

    Chapter 11: Peripheral neuropathy

    Chapter 12: The neurology of sleep

    Chapter 13: Pain

    Chapter 14: Stroke

    Chapter 15: Dementia

    Chapter 16: Muscles


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