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Neurological Rehabilitation

Using a problem-solving approach based on clinical evidence, Neurological Rehabilitation, 6th Edition covers the therapeutic management of people with functional movement limitations and quality of life issues following a neurological event. It reviews basic theory and covers the latest screening and diagnostic tests, new treatments, and interventions commonly used in today's clinical practice. This edition includes the latest advances in neuroscience, adding new chapters on neuroimaging and clinical tools such as virtual reality, robotics, and gaming. Written by respected clinician and physical therapy expert Darcy Umphred, this classic neurology text provides problem-solving strategies that are key to individualized, effective care.


Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-10122-6


  • Section 1: Foundations for Clinical Practice in Neurological Rehabilitation

    1. Foundation for Clinical Practice in Neurological Rehabilitation

    2. Health & Wellness in Rehabilitation

    3. Motor Development Across the Life Span

    4. Theories of Motor Control, Motor Learning, and Neuroplasticity

    5. Limbic System Function and its Influence Over Motor Control and Learning

    6. Psychosocial Adaptation and Adjustment to Nervous System Dysfunction

    7. Medical Screening by the Therapist

    8. Examination of Impairment, Activities, and Participation

    9. Interventions in Neurological Rehabilitation

    10. Documentation and Payment Systems for Rehabilitation Services

    Section 2: Rehabilitation Management of Clients with Neurologic System Pathology

    11. Neurodevelopmental disabilities and High Risk Infants

    12. Cerebral Palsy: Management of Clinical Problems

    13. Genetic Disorders of the Nervous System: A Pediatric Perspective

    14. Learning Disabilities

    15. Congenital Spinal Cord Injury

    16. Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

    17. Neuromuscular Diseases

    18. Neurovascular Entrapment Syndromes: Beyond the Central Nervous System

    19. Multiple Sclerosis

    20. Basal Ganglia System Dysfunction: Disorders of Posture and Movement

    21. Cerebellar Dysfunction: Movement Disorders and Management

    22. Vestibular System Disorders and Balance Dysfunction

    23. Stroke and Hemiplegia

    24. Traumatic Brain Injury

    25. Brain Tumors

    26. Inflammatory and Infections Disorders of the Brain

    27. Dementia and Disorder of Cognition

    Section 3: Examination and Intervention for Improved Outcomes in Clients with Nervous System Dysfunction

    28. Visual System and Perceptual Dysfunction: Examination and Intervention

    29. Urinary System Dysfunction and Incontinence: Examination and Intervention

    30. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary System Health in Populations with Nervous System Disorders

    31. Immune System Disorder that Affect the Nervous System (Chronic Fatigue, HIV, RSD

    32. Pain Management

    33. Electrical Diagnostics and Therapeutic Interventions

    34. Orthotics: Evaluation and Prescription

    35. Management of Chronic Impairments in Clients with Nervous System Disorders

    36. Pharmacological Intervention Affecting Neurological Rehabilitation

    37. Neuroimaging  NEW!

    38. Virtual Reality, Robotics and Gaming: Emerging Clinical Practice Tools  NEW!

    39. Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Neurological Rehabilitation


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