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Neurological Rehabilitation

Handbook of Clinical Neurology

Neurological Rehabilitation is the latest volume in the definitive Handbook of Clinical Neurology series. It is the first time that this increasing important subject has been included in the series and this reflects the growing interest and quality of scientific data on topics around neural recovery and the practical applications of new research. The volume will appeal to clinicians from both neurological and rehabilitation backgrounds and contains topics of interest to all members of the multidisciplinary clinical team as well as the neuroscience community. The volume is divided into five key sections. The first is a summary of current research on neural repair, recovery and plasticity. The authors have kept the topics readable for a non-scientific audience and focused on the aspects of basic neuroscience that should be most relevant to clinical practice. The next section covers the basic principles of neurorehabilitation, including excellent chapters on learning and skill acquisition, outcome measurement and functional neuroimaging. The key clinical section comes next and includes updates and reviews on the management of the main neurological disabling physical problems, such as spasticity, pain, sexual functioning and dysphagia. Cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems are just as important and are covered in the next section, with excellent chapters, for example, on memory and management of executive dysfunction. The final part draws the sections on symptom management together by discussing the individual diseases that are most commonly seen in neurorehabilitation and providing an overview of the management of the disability associated with those disorders. The volume is a definitive review of current neurorehabilitation practice and will be valuable to a wide range of clinicians and scientists working in this rapidly developing field.

Clinical neurologists and research neuroscientists


Published: January 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-59584-3


    1. Neural plasticity and its contribution to functional recovery - N. Sharma, J. Classen and L.G. Cohen (Bethesda, USA and Leipzig, Germany)
    2. Plasticity of cerebral functions - R.J. Nudo and D. McNeal (Kansas, USA)
    3. Neuroplasticity in the spinal cord - A.N. Kusiak and M.E. Selzer (Washington and Philadelphia, USA)
    4. Neural tissue transplantation, repair and rehabilitation - S.B. Dunnett (Cardiff, UK)
    5. Clinical trials in neuro-rehabilitation - A.L. Behrman, M. Bowden and D.K. Rose (Gainesville, USA)
    6. Brain-computer interfaces - J.R. Wolpaw (Albany, USA)
    7. Epidemiology of neurologically disabling disorders - A. Tennant (Leeds, UK)
    8. Motor learning principles for neuro-rehabilitation - T. Kitago and J.W. Krakauer (New York, USA)
    9. Outcome measures in stroke rehabilitation - P. Woods Duncan (Durham, USA)
    10. Organisation of rehabilitation services - L.A. Graham (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
    11. Functional neuro-imaging - N.S. Ward (London, UK)
    12. Gait disorders - V. Dietz (Zürich, Switzerland)
    13. The diagnosis and management of adults with spasticity - S. Balakrishnan and A.B. Ward (Birmingham and Stoke on Trent, UK)
    14. Neuro-rehabilitation approaches to facilitate motor recovery - V. Hömberg (Dusseldorf, Germany)
    15. Neuropathic pain - E. Kerstman, S. Ahn, S. Battu, S. Tariq and M. Grabois (Houston, USA)
    16. Balance - A.M. Bronstein and M. Pavlou (London, UK)
    17. Neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction - J.N. Panicker, M. de Sèze and C.J. Fowler (London, UK and Bordeaux, France)
    18. Neurogenic bowel - M. Coggrave and C. Norton (Harrow and London, UK)
    19. Neurological rehabilitation: sexuality and reproductive health - M.L. Aisen (Downey and Washington, USA)
    20. Autonomic dysfunction – recognition, diagnosis, investigation, management and autonomic neurorehabilitation - C.J. Mathias, V. Iodice and D. Low (London, UK)
    21. Dysphagia - G. Malandraki and J-A. Robbins (Madison, USA)
    22. Disorders of communication – dysarthria - P. Enderby (Sheffield, UK)
    23. Rehabilitation robotics - H.I. Krebs and B.T. Volpe (Cambridge, Baltimore and White Plains, USA)
    24. Neurogenic respiratory failure - C.R.K. Hind (Liverpool, UK)
    25. Chronic fatigue syndrome - R. Moss-Morris, V. Deary and B. Castell (London and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Auckland, New Zealand)
    26. Other physical consequences of disability - J. MacFarlane (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
    27. Rehabilitation of aphasia - A. Basso, M. Forbes and F. Boller (Milan, Italy and Pittsburgh and Bethesda, USA)
    28. Apraxia: neural mechanisms and functional recovery - A.L. Foundas (New Orleans, USA)
    29. Rehabilitation of spatial neglect - A.R. Riestra and A.M. Barrett (Huixquilucan, Mexico and West Orange, USA)
    30. Memory deficits - B.A. Wilson (Cambridge, UK)
    31. Rehabilitation and management of executive function disorders - P.J. Eslinger, C.V. Flaherty-Craig and F.M. Chakara (Hershey and Lancaster, USA)
    32. Neurobehavioral disorders - N.D. Zasler, M.F. Martelli and H.E.Jacobs (Richmond, USA)
    33. Emotional disorders in neurological rehabilitation - A. House and C. Hosker (Leeds, UK)
    34. Traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury - A. Giustini, C. Pistarini and C. Pisoni (Arco and Pavia, Italy)
    35. Traumatic spinal cord injury - H. Binder (Vienna, Austria)
    36. Stroke - H. Rodgers (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
    37. Neuro-rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease - N. Archibald, N. Miller and L. Rochester (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
    38. Cerebral Palsy - R.M. Kent (Wakefield, UK)
    39. Multiple sclerosis - J. Zajicek (Plymouth, UK)
    40. Rehabilitation of the muscular dystrophies - P.H. Pangilinan and J.E. Hornyak (Ann Arbor, USA)
    41. Rehabilitation of motor neuron disease - Z. Simmons (Hershey, USA)
    42. Rehabilitation of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve disorders - K.R. Scott, A. Ahmed, L. Scott and M.J. Kothari (Colorado Springs, Hershey and Hummelstown, USA)


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