Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Edited By

  • Joe Martinez, Jr., University of California, U.S.A.
  • Raymond Kesner, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, U.S.A.


Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, and academics in cognitive psychology and neurobiology.


Book information

  • Published: June 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-475655-7


"Neurobiology of Learning and Memory is a well-written, integrated, and multidisciplinary approach to this fast-paced field in neuroscience. Editors Martinez and Kesner provide a historical and experimental framework that unifies the genetic, pharmacological, physiological, developmental, and psychological avenues of inquiry into the mechanisms of learning and memory. Key experimental approaches that have significantly advanced the field are included and in many cases are presented by the researchers themselves. This book is a valuable resource for an upper-division undergraduate course in neurobiology or neuroscience, as well as for graduate-level courses in learning and memory. The complete chapter bibliographies are also valuable to graduate students and researchers alike."

"...Neurobiology of Learning and Memory brings together the ideas of a number of important thinkers. It can be particularly useful for students of memory in one area who want to learn about the latest thoughts and findings from other perspectives... The opening chapter... is a superb beginning because it anticipates the structure of the rest of the book and builds a foundation for current theoretical issues... The chapter on developmental approaches... also provides a historical context and explains methodology and findings with useful illustrations and without either excessive jargon or condescension."

Table of Contents

M.R. Rosenzweig, Historical Perspectives on the Development of the Biology of Learning and Memory.J.E. Black and W.T. Greenough, Developmental Approaches to the Memory Process.A.J. Silva and K.P. Giese, Gene Targeting: A Novel Window into the Biology of Learning and Memory.N.M. White and J.A. Salinas, Pharmacological Approaches to the Study of Learning and Memory.C. Sahley and T. Crow, Invertebrate Learning: Current Perspectives.J.L. Martinez, Jr., E.J. Barea-Rodriguez, and B.E. Derrick, Long-Term Potentiation, Long-Term Depression, and Learning.C.A. Barnes, Memory Changes during Normal Aging: Neurobiological Correlates.B.S. Kapp, A.J. Silvestri, and F.A. Guarraci, Vertebrate Models of Learning and Memory.F.B. Gershberg and A.P. Shimamura, The Neuropsychology of Human Learning and Memory.R.P. Kesner, Neurobiological Views of Memory.M.A. Gluck and C.E. Myers, Psychobiological Models of Hippocampal Function in Learning and Memory.Index.