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Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Vol 102 (Series Editors: Aminoff, Boller and Swaab)

The Handbook of Clinical Neurology Vol 102: Neuro-Ophthalmology provides a comprehensive discussion of the field of neuro-ophthalmology. The book is organized into four sections. Section 1 lays out fundamental concepts of the visual system and eye movements. It discusses the anatomy and physiology of the afferent visual system and the ocular motor system, and the neuro-ophthalmological examination. Section 2 deals with disorders of the afferent visual system, covering retinal disorders; abnormalities of the optic disc; lesions of the optic nerve; the optic chiasm; disorders of the optic tract, radiation, and occipital lobe; disorders of higher visual processing; and rehabilitative techniques. Section 3 discusses ocular motor abnormalities, including infranuclear ocular motor disorders; nuclear, internuclear, and supranuclear ocular motor disorders; nystagmus and saccadic intrusions; disorders of higher gaze control; and normal and abnormal lid function. Section 4 covers disorders of the pupil; neuro-ophthalmology of orbital disease; and functional neuro-ophthalmology. This book will be useful to early-stage physicians, as well as specialists interested in the latest developments in neuro-ophthalmology.

Clinical neurologists and research neuroscientists

Hardbound, 544 Pages

Published: June 2011

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52903-9


  • Foreword


    List of contributors

    Section 1 Introductory topics

    1. Anatomy and physiology of the afferent visual system

    2. The anatomy and physiology of the ocular motor system

    3. The neuro-ophthalmological examination

    Section 2 Disorders of the afferent visual system

    4. Retinal disorders

    5. Abnormalities of the optic disc

    6. Lesions of the optic nerve

    7. The optic chiasm

    8. Disorders of the optic tract, radiation, and occipital lobe

    9. Disorders of higher visual processing

    10. Rehabilitative techniques

    Section 3 Ocular motor abnormalities

    11. Infranuclear ocular motor disorders

    12. Nuclear, internuclear, and supranuclear ocular motor disorders

    13. Nystagmus and saccadic intrusions

    14. Disorders of higher gaze control

    15. Normal and abnormal lid function

    Section 4 Other neuro-ophthalmological topics

    16. Disorders of the pupil

    17. Neuro-ophthalmology of orbital disease

    18. Functional neuro-ophthalmology



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