Neural Transplantation: From Molecular Basis to Clinical Applications

Edited by

  • S.B. Dunnett
  • S.-J. Richards

This is a time of rapid and exciting developments in the field of neural transplantation. There have been recent and rapid advances made both in the understanding of basic biological mechanisms of growth, regeneration and function of neural transplants in the mammalian nervous system, and in the first tentative attempts at their clinical application. This volume offers a range of approaches and original information gathered from an international forum of scientists and clinicians involved in neural transplantation research. The most current research information is discussed, ranging from selection and molecular genetic manipulation of cells for transplantation, through a consideration of immunological interactions with the host brain and studies of transplants in a wide range of animal models of normal development, regeneration and neurological disorder. The material selected covers a wide range of approaches and describes novel technical developments, while the volume's rapid publication ensures a speedy presentation of the most current advances in this dynamic field.
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Book information

  • Published: August 1990
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-81137-0

Table of Contents

Local and International Organising Committees. Preface. List of Contents. SECTION I: Genetic Manipulation and Cell Lines (6 papers). SECTION II: Trophic Factors (5 papers). SECTION III: Immunological Factors (7 papers). SECTION IV: Mutant Strains (6 papers). SECTION V: Spinal Cord and Visual System (6 papers). SECTION VI: Cortex and Hippocampus (12 papers). SECTION VII: Neostriatal Grafts (9 papers). SECTION VIII: Dopaminergic Systems (8 papers). SECTION IX: Primate Studies (6 papers). SECTION X: Clinical Studies: Overview (4 papers). SECTION XI: Clinical Studies: Adrenal Grafts (10 papers). SECTION XII: Clinical Studies: Nigral Grafts (4 papers). Author Index. Subject Index.Imprint: Elsevier Amsterdam