Neural Regeneration book cover

Neural Regeneration

Neural Regeneration provides an overview of cutting-edge knowledge on a broad spectrum of neural regeneration, including:

  1. Neural regeneration in lower vertebrates
  2. Neural regeneration in the peripheral nervous system
  3. Neural regeneration in the central nervous system
  4. Transplantation-mediated neural regeneration
  5. Clinical and translational research on neural regeneration

The contributors to this book are experts in each of their respective fields and are highly international including scientists working at different institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, and China.

Nervous system injuries, including peripheral nerve injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, and stroke affect millions of people worldwide every year. As a result of this high incidence of neurological injuries, neural regeneration and repair is becoming a rapidly growing field dedicated to the new discoveries to promote structural and functional recoveries based on neural regeneration. The ultimate goal is to translate the most optimal regenerative strategies to treatments of human nervous system injuries.

This valuable reference book is useful for students, postdoctors, and basic and clinical scientists who are interested in neural regeneration research.


Researchers and clinicians at all levels of neural regeneration research, including graduate students, postdoctors, and scientists.

Hardbound, 444 Pages

Published: February 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-801732-6


  • Section I.  Introduction
    Chapter 1. Advances and Challenges in Neural Regeneration Research
    Section II. Neural Regeneration in Lower Vertebrates
    Chapter 2. Functional Regeneration and Remyelination in the Zebrafish Optic Nerve
    Chapter 3. Central Nerve Regeneration in Reptiles
    Chapter 4. Axon Regeneration in the Lamprey Spinal Cord
    Section III. Neural Regeneration in the Peripheral Nervous System
    Chapter 5. Tissue engineering in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
    Chapter 6. Brachial plexus avulsion: a model for axonal regeneration study
    Chapter 7. Conditions Affecting Accuracy of Peripheral Nerve Reinnervation and Functional Recovery
    Chapter 8. Gonadal Steroids in Regeneration and Repair of Neuromuscular Systems
    Section IV. Neural Regeneration in the CNS
    Chapter 9. Myelin-Associated Inhibitors in Axonal Growth After CNS Injury
    Chapter 10. The Nogo Receptor Pathway in CNS Regeneration and Therapeutic Opportunities
    Chapter 11. Astrogliosis and Axonal Regeneration
    Chapter 12. The Intrinsic Determinates of CNS Regeneration in the Central Nervous System
    Chapter 13. Optic Nerve Regeneration in Lower Vertebrates and Mammals: Bridging the Gap
    Chapter 14. Self-assembling Peptides Mediate Axonal Regeneration
    Chapter 15. Wnt Signaling in Spinal Cord Injury
    Chapter 16. Inflammation and secondary damage after spinal cord injury
    Chapter 17. Neuroprotection of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Glaucoma by Blocking LINGO-1 Function, or
    Using Nogo-66 Receptor Antagonist
    Chapter 18. Axonal Regeneration in the Dorsal Column Sensory Pathway
    Section V. Transplantation-Mediated Neural Regeneration
    Chapter 19. Peripheral Nerve Graft Mediated Axonal Regeneration
    Chapter 20. Olfactory ensheathing glial transplantation-mediated neural regeneration
    Chapter 21. Glial restricted precursor transplantation-mediated axonal regeneration
    Chapter 22. Schwann cell-mediated axonal regeneration in the CNS
    Chapter 23. Fetal Spinal Cord Transplantation and Axonal Regeneration: Around and Back Again
    Section VI. Clinical and Translational Research on Neural Regeneration
    Chapter 24. Spinal Cord Injury: Exercise and Clinical Trials
    Chapter 25. Spinal Cord Regeneration
    Chapter 26. Biomarkers for CNS Injury and Regeneration
    Chapter 27. High Content Screening Applied to Nervous System Injury: Advantages, Challenges, and Proof of Principle


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