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Network Simulation Experiments Manual

Networking technologies and concepts are often difficult to explain, even through careful description and well thought out examples. One method for making this information "stick" is to create an environment where networking professionals and students can visualize how networks work by utilizing a software tool that simulates the functions within a network. The tool provides a virtual environment for an assortment of desirable features such as modeling a network based on specified criteria and predicting its performance.

The Network Simulation Experiments Manual takes this instructional tool a step further and provides detailed experiments on core networking topologies for use in this simulation environment. Various scenarios are presented within each topology: Review questions, suggested readings, a lab report, and exercises accompanying each assignment. The manual also comes with directions for downloading the free and easy-to-install OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition software. This software provides a virtual environment for modeling, analyzing, and predicting the performance of IT infrastructures, including applications, servers, and networking technologies.

Prepared by Professor Emad Aboelela of the Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, the experiments in the manual are closely tied to the organization of Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, Fifth Edition and, when used together, serve as a complete tool for understanding how and why computer networks function as they do.

Networking designers and professionals; graduate students

Paperback, 208 Pages

Published: March 2011

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-385210-6


  • Preface


    Laboratory 01 - CSMA

    Laboratory 02 - Wireless Local Area Networks

    Laboratory 03 - Switched LANs

    Laboratory 04 - VLAN: Virtual Local Area Networks

    Laboratory 05 - Network Design

    Laboratory 06 - Routing Information Protocol

    Laboratory 07 - OSPF: Open Shortest Path First

    Laboratory 08 - BGP: Border Gateway Protocol

    Laboratory 09 - Mobile Wireless Network

    Laboratory 10 - TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

    Laboratory 11 - Queuing Disciplines

    Laboratory 12 - RSVP: Resource Reservation Protocol

    Laboratory 13- Firewalls and VPN

    Laboratory 14 - Applications

    Laboratory 15- Web Caching and Data Compression

    Appendix A--Token Ring

    Appendix B-- ATM


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