Network Simulation Experiments Manual


  • Emad Aboelela, University of Taibah, Saudi Arabia

The lab exercises contained in the network simulation experiments manual are based on the OPNET simulator (v. 9), a network simulation tool that was originally developed at M.I.T. It provides networking professionals with the option of implementing experiments from their homes or workplaces and the lab manual comes with directions for downloading the free easy-to-install software (special version to this book only--see system requirements below). These labs run through simulations closely tied to the material in the text so that you can visualize the discussions covering core network topologies. Various scenarios are presented within each topology, and review questions and a lab report exercise accompany each lab experiment. The experiments also follows the organization of Computer Networks, Third Edition, by Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie.System requirements for using the OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition release 9.1:-Intel Pentium III, 4 or compatible (500 MHz or better)-256 MB RAM-400 MB disk space-Display: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution, 256 or more colors-The English language version of the following operating systems are supported:Microsoft Windows NT (Service Pack 3, 5, or 6a)Windows 2000 (Service Pack 1 and 2 are supported but not required)Windows XP (Service Pack 1 is required)
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networking professionals and students in upper-level undergraduate and graduate networking courses


Book information

  • Published: June 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-042171-8

Table of Contents



Laboratory 0 Introduction

Laboratory 1 Ethernet

Laboratory 2 Token Ring

Laboratory 3 Switched LANs

Laboratory 4 Network Design

Laboratory 5 ATM

Laboratory 6 RIP: Routing Information Protocol

Laboratory 7 OSPF: Open Shortest Path First

Laboratory 8 TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

Laboratory 9 Queuing Disciplines

Laboratory 10 RSVP: Resource Reservation Protocol

Laboratory 11 Firewalls and VPN

Laboratory 12 Applications