The Global Threat to Information


  • William C. Boni, CISA, MBA, Director, Information Security for Motorola Corporation. He has worked as the Director of Information Protection Practices for Amgen; as a U.S. Army counterintelligence officer; federal agent and investigator; and a security consultant for such firms as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young
  • Gerald Kovacich, CFE, CPP, CISSP, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Protection Professional, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Washington, USA

This book begins by laying out a history of espionage that clearly shows that when a new technology or technique becomes available to the information gatherers in public and private sectors, they can quickly be adopted for Netspionage use. It then moves on to describe how the Internet and associated technologies have already revolutionized the collection and analysis of competitive information. The convergence of dependency on networked and exploitation tools (often propagated by "hackers," "cyberpunks," and even intelligence agencies) has already resulted in several incidents that foreshadow the perilous future. Close study of these incidents demonstrates how difficult yet how important it is to confront the challenges of "netspionage" and its less intrusive cousins. The authors present a set of the known incidents and then outline protective measures that will reduce the potential and consequences of netspionage.Unlike most security books, this one is written for managers and executives in non-protection roles of the organization, since they are the ones who must take a leadership role in safeguarding the information assets of the networked enterprise.
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Information security professionals and security managers


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  • Published: September 2000
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7257-3


"A unique contribution to an area of growing concern: the vulnerability of our information infrastructure. Netspionage offers both practical and theoretical insights into the global threat." -Dr. John W. King, Baldwin-Wallace College

Table of Contents

How Did We Get Here: Introduction to the New Old World; The Driving Force: High Technology; The Internet; The Global I-Way to Netspionage and Techno-Crime; The Global Business and Government Revolutions; A Short History of Espionage: Industrial, Economic, and Military; Who Does What to Whom and How: Competitive Intelligence and the Networked World; Information Collection in the Gray Zone; The Black Zone, Who Uses Netspionage, How and Why; Case Studies in Netspionage; Protecting What You Have from Those Who Want It: Defending Against Netspionage; Operational Security and Risk Management Techniques to Mitigate the Netspionage Threat; The Best Defense May Really Be a Good Offense and Other Issues; Based on Where We Have Been and Where We Are Now, Where Are We Going?: Future of Technology; Business, Crime, and Security in the 21st Century Global Marketplace; Future Netspionage; Business and Government Agencies - Shared Responsibilities; Epilog: We're All In This Together