Neglected Factors in Pharmacology and Neuroscience Research

Biopharmaceutics, Animal characteristics, Maintenance, Testing conditions

Edited by

  • V. Claassen, Zuidsingel 25, 1241 EH Kortenhoef, The Netherlands

The objective of this book is to indicate those variables which in general may need a better control. Examples, gathered from the literature, are presented to illustrate the impact that those neglected variables may have on various characteristics. The book presents a series of representative studies from a broad field of interest so that insight can be obtained about the potential effects of these parameters in experiemental outcome. In this way, an impetus should be given to the critical consideration of test design and limitations of conclusions from experimental results.

In part the book is written as a reaction to frustrations endured during pharmacological research of many years' standing, and therefore the choice of examples from the literature is largely related to this discipline. However, as pharmacological research is to a large extent based on other life sciences, this volume may be of interest to a much broader audience. This may certainly be the case for pharmacokineticists and toxicologists for whom drugs are the main object of study. This book may also help to improve test designs for biochemists and physiologists, not only when using drugs as tools in their experiments, but also to improve generally the control of animal characteristics and test conditions.

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Book information

  • Published: December 1994
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-81871-3

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: reproducibility of animal experiments. Section A. Biopharmaceutics. Chapter 2. Intravenous drug administration. Chapter 3. Intramuscular drug administration. Chapter 4. Subcutaneous drug administration. Chapter 5. Intraperitoneal drug administration. Chapter 6. Oral drug administration. Section B. Animal Characteristics. Chapter 7. Inbred strains and outbred stocks. Chapter 8. Male-female differences. Chapter 9. Changes during development and aging. Section C. Maintenance of Experimental Animals. Chapter 10. Housing conditions. Chapter 11. Food composition. Chapter 12 Food and water intake. Section D. Testing Conditions. Chapter 13. Fasting. Chapter 14. Food restriction. Chapter 15. Circadian and other rhythms. Chapter 16 Anaesthesia. Chapter 17. Stress. Section E. Import of Experimental Results.. Index.