Natural Toxins book cover

Natural Toxins

Characterization, Pharmacology and Therapeutics

The 9th World Congress on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins was sponsored by the International Society on Toxinology which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Society was organized to promote research into all aspects of natural toxins, and to help with the dissemination of knowledge. This book presents the most recent information on natural toxins from animal, plant and microbial origins and describes the state of research and clinical studies in the field. The material included is illustrated, referenced and fully indexed.

For researchers, clinicians and students of natural toxins, biologists, biochemists, microbiologists, chemists and marine biologists.


Published: May 1989

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-036139-0


  • Well-written and informative and will provide the expert and beginner alike with useful background reading... The contents of this book demonstrate just how rapidly this subject is advancing on many fronts.


  • Section headings and selected papers: Overview of Toxins. Freshwater cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) toxins, W W Carmichael. Interaction of Toxins with Ion Channels. The molecular pharmacology of toxins that modify voltage-gated sodium channels, G R Strichartz. Use of Cloning Techniques in the Study of Toxins. Postsynaptically-acting toxins and proteins with phospholipase structure from snake venoms: complete amino acid sequences deduced from cDNAs and production of a toxin with staphylococcal protein A gene fusion vector, F Ducancel et al. Three-Dimensional Structures of Toxins. Three-dimensional structures and structure-function relationships of scorpion neurotoxins, J C Fontecilla-Camps et al. Clinical Aspects and Therapies. Pathophysiology and treatment of scorpion poisoning, L Freire-Maia & J A Campos. Subject Index. Taxonomic Index.


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