Nanotechnology (for coatings) book cover

Nanotechnology (for coatings)

Total protection, aesthetic perfection, maximum functionality -- the demands on coatings are extremely exacting. The key? Nanotechnology. It makes innovative high-tech coating formulations possible that will conquer totally new applications markets in the future. This book is a readily understood overview of coatings systems based on the application of chemical nanotechnology. Practitioners will be given an introduction to nanostructured coatings and experts will find the account of various silane-based materials useful.

Anybody who is involved in developing, producing, testing and marketing coatings raw materials, and who would like to immerse themselves in the manufacturing and benefits of nanostructured coatings with a view to venturing forth on new paths in modern coatings technology.

Hardbound, 168 Pages

Published: June 2008

Imprint: Vincentz

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1563-0


  • 1. Introduction to chemical nanotechnology
    2. Definition of nanotechnology
    3. Silane-technology as the key to chemical nanotechnology
    4. Outlook
    5. Literature
    List of abbreviations


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