Nanoscale Assembly and Fabrication by Electrokinetics

The ability to move, manipulate and precisely assemble nanoscale materials is key to further advances in nanotechnology, especially nanoscale manufacturing, fabrication of sensors, electronics components etc. Electrokinetics is a key technique for achieving these ends, an is already widely used in MEMS and nanotechnology applications.

This book provides a thorough overview of electrokinetics, focusing on both theoretical and experimental aspects of this important technique. Wen Li shows how to use electric field concepts to assemble nanoscale systems (i.e. systems on the scale of molecules). The use of field forces, as in electrokinetics, offers the level of precision required to manipulate and assemble large arrays of similar structures at the nano-scale.

Electrokinetics is also put into a broader context by the author's wider examination of nanoscale systems, including an explanation of how competing forces and interactions operate at the molecular scale.

Wen Li's book will enable readers to develop the ability to systematically design nano-sensing platforms and nano-manufacturing systems in a range of applications for areas including healthcare, precision engineering, lubrication, cell manipulation and the analysis of biological samples.

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Engineers and scientists involved in nanomanufacturing and the development and use of nano-sensing platforms. Those involved in developing and deploying applications of (Bio)NEMS, Nanorobotics and self-assembly.


Book information

  • Published: November 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-3173-2

Table of Contents

Introduction, Electrokinetic Phenomena; Fundamentals of Electrokinetic based Nanoassembly; Theoretical Basis for DEP Nanoassembly and Fabrication; Modeling and Simulation of DEP/ODEP Nanoassembly and Fabrication; Hardware Implementation of DEP Nanoassembling Systems; Hardware Implementation of ODEP Nanoassembling Systems; Experimental Studies on DEP and ODEP Assembled Nanosensors; Future Applications of Nanoscale Fabrication, Assembly, and Automation; Appendices.