Nanobiomaterials in Clinical Dentistry

Edited by

  • Karthikeyan Subramani, Department of Orthodontics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA
  • Waqar Ahmed, Professor and Head of Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • James K. Hartsfield, College of Dentistry, University of Kentucky, USA

New nanomaterials are leading to a range of emerging dental treatments that utilize more biomimetic materials that more closely duplicate natural tooth structure (or bone, in the case of implants).

This book brings together an international team of experts from the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and dentistry, to explain these new materials and their applications for the restoration, fixation, replacement, or regeneration of hard and soft tissues in and about the oral cavity and craniofacial region.

The main topics covered include applications in dental specialties (Orthodontics, Endodontics, Pediatric dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Implant dentistry), salivary diagnostics using bioMEMS/NEMS systems, nanochips for oral cancer diagnosis, biomimetic nanomaterials, and nanotechnology for tooth repair and regeneration.

The editors' previous book, Emerging Nanotechnologies in Dentistry focused on the fabrication/manufacturing processes of materials and dentistry applications. This second book complements the first covers with coverage of the range of nanomaterials available today in clinical dentistry, explaining the innovative techniques and applications in all of the main clinical dental specialties.

Nanobiomaterial engineers, biomedical researchers, biomedical engineers and dental/oral pre-clinical and clinical researchers will find the comprehensive coverage essential for working with nanotechnologies and materials in both clinical and research settings.

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Post-docs / researchers / R&D in the

fields of nanomaterials / biomedical

nanotechnology, biochemistry, oral


Dental nanomaterials R&D /


Dental researchers and clinical

practitioners, primarily in the areas of

dental materials, restorative dentistry,

implantology, oral surgery and



Book information

  • Published: December 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-3127-5

Table of Contents

Nanotechnology in Orthodontics;

Carbon nanotube coatings in implant

dentistry and orthodontic miniimplants;

Carbon nanotube

composites for bone & implant

dentistry; Nanostructured ceramics for

bone regeneration in oral and

maxillofacial complex; Antimicrobial

Silver Colloidal Nanoparticles for

Denture Base Resin and implant

dentistry; Mesoporous silica

nanoparticles for tooth bleaching;

Nanobacteria and Dental Practice;

Nanotechnology/bioactive glass

nanoparticles and its dental,

periodontal applications; Saliva as an

emerging biofluid for clinical

applications; Future Nano Dentistry;

Silica nanotechnology and applications

in bone biology and periodontal

applications; Nanoparticles and the

control of oral biofilms; Biomimetics

using nanotechnology/nanoparticles

for dental tissue regeneration;

Quantum dots in dentistry; Nano chip

for oral cancer diagnosis;

Nanotechnology in prosthodontics - I;

Nanotechnology in prosthodontics - II;

Nanoparticles for Glass Ionomer

Cements (GICs); Nanomaterials in

preventive dentistry; Nanoparticle

applications for periodontitis treatment

(Nanomaterials in Periodontics);

Nanotechnology in dental implants;

Nanotechnology in dental adhesives.