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Myles Textbook for Midwives

Myles Textbook for Midwives is the world’s best-selling Midwifery textbook, now in its 16th edition, with sales to 75 countries and with a large and growing market for the International Edition in Asia.

This edition offers a fully 4-colour book, with updated design and illustrations.

There is also a change of focus to concentrate on the all-important central sections dealing with pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Evidence-based practice, ethics, woman-centred care, pharmacology, risk management and clinical governance will now be integrated throughout these sections, instead of being separate chapters so that the information is available where it is most relevant. Weblinks provide up-to-date information where appropriate, e.g Midwifery regulation in the UK, NMC guidelines, etc. This will strengthen the book’s position as an essential textbook focussing on the topics that are important to Midwifery students.

New chapters on the topics of Obesity, Perineal trauma and Infection control, will be added and there will be expanded information on High Risk and Emergency conditions, which are much more prevalent in Midwifery now, and take up a major part of the Midwife’s time.

Midwifery students and midwives undertaking training.

Paperback, 816 Pages

Published: May 2014

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5145-6


  • Final 16E contents list

    SECTION 1 The Midwife in Context
    1. The Midwife in Context
    2. Professional Issues concerning the midwife and midwifery practice

    SECTION 2 Human Anatomy and Reproduction

    3. The Female Pelvis, Pelvic Floor and the Reproductive Organs

    4. The Female Urinary Tract

    5. Hormonal Cycles: Fertilisation and Early Development

    6. The Placenta

    7. The Fetus

    SECTION 3 Pregnancy
    8. Preparing for Pregnancy and Parent Education

    9. Change and Adaptation in Pregnancy

    10. Antenatal Care

    11. Specialized Antenatal Investigations and Screening (mother and fetus)

    12. Early Pregnancy and Problems of Pregnancy

    13. Medical Disorders Associated with Pregnancy (including obesity, STIs )

    14. Multiple Pregnancy

    SECTION 4 Labour
    15. Care of the Perineum / Female Genital Mutilation

    16. The First Stage of Labour: Physiology, Care and Management (in different environmental contexts, comfort and pain relief ) promoting normality (including breech)

    17. Transition and the Second Stage of Labour (including vaginal breech at term)

    18. Physiology and Management of the Third Stage of Labour

    19. Prolonged Pregnancy and Disorders of Uterine Action

    20. Malpositions of the Occiput and Malpresentations (not breech)

    21. Operative Births

    22. Emergencies in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    SECTION 5 Puerperium
    23. Physiology and Care in the Puerperium (including reducing sepsis / CMACE 2011 and perineal care)

    24. Physical Problems and Complications in the Puerperium

    25. Perinatal Mental Health

    26. Bereavement and Loss in Maternity Care

    27. Contraception and sexual health in a global society

    SECTION 6 The Neonate
    28. The Baby at Birth PLUS The Healthy Baby at Term (including the midwife’s physiological examination)

    29. Resuscitation

    30. The Healthy Low Birth-weight Baby (Transitional Care)
    31. Trauma during Birth; Haemorrhage and Convulsions

    32. Congenital Malformations

    33. Recognising the Ill Baby (include Respiratory Problems, Jaundice, Infection, Metabolic Problems and Endocrine Disorders)

    34. Infant Feeding

    Glossary of Selected Terms



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