Music Engineering


  • Richard Brice, Commercial Director of Miranda Technologies, a global company specialising in television and channel-branding equipment in Saint-Laurent, Canada

Music Engineering is a hands-on guide to the practical aspects of electric and electronic music. It is both a compelling read and an essential reference guide for anyone using, choosing, designing or studying the technology of modern music. The technology and underpinning science are introduced through the real life demands of playing and recording, and illustrated with references to well known classic recordings to show how a particular effect is obtained thanks to the ingenuity of the engineer as well as the musician. In addition, an accompanying companion website containing over 50 specially chosen tracks for download, provides practical demonstrations of the effects and techniques described in the book.

Written by a music enthusiast and electronic engineer, this book covers the electronics and physics of the subject as well as the more subjective aspects. The second edition includes an updated Digital section including MPEG3 and fact sheets at the end of each chapter to summarise the key electronics and science. In addition to instruments and recording technology, this book covers essential kit such as microphones, sequencers, amplifiers and loudspeakers.
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Electronic engineers (mostly working in audio field), electronics enthusiasts, students, musicians - involved with electronic / electrical music.


Book information

  • Published: October 2001
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5040-3


'A worthwhile reference book for anyone involved in, or even just interested in, the intersection of electronics and music.' Electronics Australia 'Music Engineering is an all-encompasing book that delivers a broad range of information needed to understand many aspects of music technology, all in a style that is light enough to be enjoyable, but contains enough detail to be a worthwhile learning resource' Audio Media

Table of Contents

Preface; Jilted generation - science and sensibility; Good vibrations - the nature of sound; Stand by me - microphones and their applications; Message in a bottle - valve technology; Roll over Beethoven - electric instruments; Wild thing - electronic effects; Pet sounds - electronic synthesis; Silver machine - sequencers & MIDI; Got to get you into my life - sound recording; Bits 'n' pieces - digital audio; Space odyssey - stereo and spatial sound; Let's stick together - recording consoles; Unchained melody - amplifiers; Shout - loudspeakers; Synchronicity - video and synchronization; Appendix; Index.