Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues book cover

Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues

This text covers a broad spectrum of topics pertinent to the management of incinerator residues. Background information includes a history of incineration, and the influence of municipal waste composition, incinerator type air pollution control technologies on residue quality. Physical, chemical and leaching characteristics for the various ash streams are described, along with recommended sampling and evaluation methodologies. Residue handling and management options, including, treatment utilisation and disposal are also discussed in detail.


Published: April 1997

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-82563-6


  • Chapter headings only have been listed. Full contents available upon request. Introduction. Municipal solid waste. Municipal solid waste incineration technologies. Air emission control strategies. Regulation of MSW incinerators. Issues related to sampling. Characterisation methodologies. Fate elements during incineration. Characterisation of bottom ash. Characterisation of heat recovery system ash. Characterisation of air pollution control residues. Physical aspects of leaching. Chemical aspects of leaching. Leaching tests. Leaching modelling. Leaching data. Separation processes. Solidification & stabilisation. Thermal treatment. Leaching of products. Utilisation. Disposal. References.


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