Multivariate Polysplines book cover

Multivariate Polysplines

Applications to Numerical and Wavelet Analysis

Multivariate polysplines are a new mathematical technique that has arisen from a synthesis of approximation theory and the theory of partial differential equations. It is an invaluable means to interpolate practical data with smooth functions.Multivariate polysplines have applications in the design of surfaces and "smoothing" that are essential in computer aided geometric design (CAGD and CAD/CAM systems), geophysics, magnetism, geodesy, geography, wavelet analysis and signal and image processing. In many cases involving practical data in these areas, polysplines are proving more effective than well-established methods, such as kKriging, radial basis functions, thin plate splines and minimum curvature.

Applied and pure mathematicians, computer scientists and researchers and engineers in signal and image processing, CAGD and CAD/CAM systems, geophysics, geography, magnetism and related disciplines.

Hardbound, 498 Pages

Published: June 2001

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-422490-2


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