Multiple Sclerosis As A Neuronal Disease book cover

Multiple Sclerosis As A Neuronal Disease

This book examines the role of neurons in multiple sclerosis (MS) and the changes that occur in neurons as a result of MS. It places MS in a new and important perspective that not only explains the basis for symptom production, remission, and progress in MS, but also promises to open up new therapeutic possibilities.

Neurologists, neuroscientists, and clinical and basic researchers studying multiple sclerosis.

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: April 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-738761-1


  • "The editor and many excellent contributors present abundant evidence for importance of the neuronal component of multiple sclerosis. ...There is no doubt that Steve Waxman's forceful book will substantially influence the field by providing a strong impetus to research on the neuronal question in multiple sclerosis." --NATURE NEUROSCIENCE (February 2006) "...this book offers an excellent overview of the biology of the axon, the clinical assessment of axonal damage, and the mechanisms contributing to axonal damage. ...The book should provide valuable reading for the student of neurology as well as for those less familiar with the subtleties of the axon. It will also be of value to those knowledgeable about multiple sclerosis who are beginning to move into clinical studies of neuroprotection and repair." --Henry McFarland in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (September 22, 2005) "'MS as a Neuronal Disease' by Waxman and coauthors is a textbook long overdue. ...This book makes essential reading for neuroscientists and neurologists" --Archives of Neurology (December 2005)


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