Multiple Choice Questions in Ophthalmic and Neurophysiology book cover

Multiple Choice Questions in Ophthalmic and Neurophysiology

Multiple choice questions now form an integral part of many higher examinations in medicine. They are an essential study guide for all postgraduate students allowing the students not only to test their knowledge but also to practice the techniques for
answering MCQs effectively. This book presents over 200 MCQs covering all the areas necessary for the ophthalmic physiology examinations. Each question is followed by a true or false answer as well as a clear, reasoned discussion of the correct answer, allowing the reader to test and expand their knowledge and identify areas that require further study. Essential reading for all those sitting the Royal College of Ophthalmologists primary fellowship and membership examinations, this book will also be of interest to candidates for the FRCS examination as well as optometrists and orthoptists.


Published: June 1995

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-2186-1


  • OPHTHALMIC PHYSIOLOGY: The lids, lacrimnal apparatus, and cornea; The lens and vitreous; Extraocular muscle and the control of eye movement; The ciliary body, aqeous, and intraocular pressure; the pupil and accommodation BASIC NEUROPHYSIOLOGY OPHTHALMIC NEUROPHYSIOLOGY:Light and the photochemistry of vision; the Retina, optic pathway, and visual cortex; Acuity and colour sense; Binocular vision and adaptation; Time dependent functions of vision


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