Multicomponent Phase Diagrams: Applications for Commercial Aluminum Alloys


  • Nikolay A. Belov
  • Dmitry G. Eskin
  • Andrey A. Aksenov

Despite decades of extensive research and application, commercial aluminum alloys are still poorly understood in terms of the phase composition and phase transformations occurring during solidification, cooling, and heating. Multicomponent Phase Diagrams: Applications for Commercial Aluminum Alloys aims to apply multi-component phase diagrams to commercial aluminum alloys, and give a comprehensive coverage of available and assessed phase diagrams for aluminum-based alloy systems of different dimensionality.
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Material scientists, students and researchers with an interest in the metals & alloys field.


Book information

  • Published: July 2005
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-044537-3

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Alloys of the Al-Fe-Mn-Si System
1.1. Al-Fe-Si Phase Diagram1.2. Al-Fe-Mn Phase Diagram1.3. Al-Mn-Si Phase Diagram.1.4. Al-Fe-Mn-Si Phase Diagram1.5. Commercial Aluminum and 8111-Type Alloys 1.6. Wrought Alloys with Manganese (3XXX series and 8006 type)1.7. Al-Si Casting Alloys (4XX.0 series)
Chapter 2: Alloys of the Al-Mg-Si-Fe System
2.1. Al-Mg-Si Phase Diagram2.2. Al-Fe-Mg Phase Diagram2.3. Al-Fe-Mg-Si Phase Diagram2.4. Al-Mg-Si Wrought Alloys of 6XXX Series2.5. Al-Si Casting Alloys of 356.0 Type2.6. Al-Mg-Si Casting Alloys (5XX.0 Series)
Chapter 3: Alloys of the Al-Cu-Si-(Mg, Fe) System
3.1. Al-Cu-Si Phase Diagram3.2. Al-Cu-Mg Phase Diagram3.3. Al-Cu-Fe Phase Diagram3.4. Al-Cu-Mg-Si Phase Diagram3.5. Al-Cu-Fe-Si Phase Diagram3.6. Al-Cu-Fe-Mg Phase Diagram 3.7. Al-Cu-Fe-Mg -Si Phase Diagram3.8. Commercial Al-Si-Cu Casting Alloys (3XX.0 and 2XX.0 Series)3.9. Al-Mg-Si-Cu Wrought Alloys of 6XXX and 2XXX Series
Chapter 4: Alloys of the Al-Mg-Mn-Si-Fe System
4.1. Al-Mg-Mn Phase Diagram4.2. Al-Mg-Mn-Si Phase Diagram4.3. Al-Fe-Mg-Mn Phase Diagram4.4. Al-Fe-Mg-Mn-Si Phase Diagram4.5. Al-Mg-Mn Wrought and Casting Alloys4.6. Alloy 30044.7. Casting 3XX.0 Alloys Containing Magnesium and Manganese
Chapter 5: Alloys of the Al-Cu-Mn (Mg, Fe, Si) System
5.1. Al-Cu-Mn Phase Diagram5.2. Al-Cu-Mg-Mn Phase Diagram5.3. Al-Cu-Fe-Mn Phase Diagram 5.4. Al-Cu-Mn-Si Phase Diagram5.5. Al-Cu-Fe-Mn-Si Phase Diagram (for Al-Cu and Al-Si Alloys) 5.6. Al-Cu-Mg-Mn-Si Phase Diagram (for Al-Cu and Al-Si Alloys)5.7. Al-Cu-Mn (Mg, Si) wrought and casting alloys (2XXX, 2XX and 3XX series)
Chapter 6: Alloys with a High Content of Zinc
6.1. Al-Zn-Mg Phase Diagram6.2. Al-Cu-Zn Phase Diagram6.3. Al-Cu-Mg-Zn Phase Diagram6.4. Al-Fe-Mg-Zn Phase Diagram6.5. Al-Mg-Si-Zn Phase Diagram6.6. Al-Mg-Zn-(Cu) Wrought and Casting Alloys (7XXX and 7XX.0 Series)
Chapter 7: Alloys with Nickel
7.1. Al-Fe-Ni phase diagram7.2. Al-Ni-Si phase diagram7.3. Al-Cu-Ni phase diagram7.4. Al-Mg-Ni phase diagram7.5. Al-Mn-Ni Phase Diagram7.6. Al-Fe-Ni-Si Phase Diagram7.7. Al-Cu-Fe-Ni Phase Diagram7.8. Al-Mg-Ni-Si Phase Diagram7.9. Al-Cu-Ni-Si Phase Diagram7.10. Al-Mg-Ni-Zn Phase Diagram7.11. Wrought Alloys of 8001 Type7.12. Wrought Alloys of 2618 Type7.13. Piston Casting Alloys of 339.0 Type7.14. High-Strength Casting Alloy AZ6N4
Chapter 8: Alloys with Lithium
8.1. Al-Cu-Li Phase Diagram8.2. Al-Li-Mg Phase Diagram8.3. Al-Li-Mn Phase Diagram8.4. Al-Li-Si Phase Diagram8.5. Al-Li-Zr Phase Diagram8.6. Al-Cu-Li-Mg Phase Diagram8.7. Al-Li-Mg-Mn and Al-Cu-Li-Mn Phase Diagrams8.8. Al-Li-Mg-Si Phase Diagram8.9. Wrought Alloys Containing Lithium
Chapter 9: Alloys with Transition Metals
9.1. Phase Diagrams of Some Al-based Systems with Transition Metals9.2. General Features of Interaction between Aluminum and Transition Metals. 9.3. Metastable and Nonequilibrium Phase Interactions in Some Al-TM Systems9.4. Alloys with Transition Metals
Chapter 10: Composite Materials with SiC, Al2O3 and SiO2
10.1. Al-C-Si Phase Diagram10.2. Al-O-Si Phase Diagram10.3. Al-C-Si Phase Diagram for the Analysis of Interfacial Processes in Al-SiC and Al-Si-SiC Metal-Matrix Composites 10.4. Al-C-Mg-Si Phase Diagram for the Analysis of Interfacial Processes in Al-Mg-SiC and Al-Si-Mg-SiC Composite Materials10.5. Al-C-Cu-Si, Al-C-Si-Zn and Al-C-Cu-Mg-Zn Phase Diagrams for the analysis of Interfacial Processes in Al-Cu-SiC and Al-Zn-SiC Composite Materials10.6. Al-O-Si Phase Diagram for the Analysis of Al-SiO2 and Al-Mullite Composite Materials
Appendix 1: Main Characteristics of Binary Phase Diagrams
Appendix 2: Visualization of Quaternary Phase Diagrams
Appendix 3: Visualization of Quinary Phase Diagrams
Appendix 4: Mathematical Approximation of Phase Diagrams
Appendix 5: Summary of some calculated multicomponent phase diagrams of Al-based systems