The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook: Organellar and Metabolic Processes

Volume 2

Edited by

  • David Stern, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Ithaca, NY

This second volume of The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook provides the background and techniques for using this important organism in plant research. From biogenesis of chloroplasts and mitochondria and photosynthesis to respiration and nitrogen assimilation, this volume introduces scientists to the functions of the organism. The volume then moves on to starch biosynthesis, sulfur metabolism, response to heavy metals, and hydrogen production.
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Book information

  • Published: November 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-370875-5
  • 5-Year Impact Factor:


1. Starch Metabolism Steven G. Ball and Philippe Deschamps 2. Glycerolipid Biosynthesis Wayne R. Riekhof and Christoph Benning 3. Nitrogen Assimilation and Its Regulation Emilio Fern√°ndez, √Āngel Llamas, and Aurora Galv√°n 4. Amino Acid Metabolism Olivier Vallon and Martin H. Spalding 5. Sulfur: From Acquisition to Assimilation David Gonzalez-Ballester and Arthur R. Grossman 6. Phosphate Metabolism and Responses to Phosphorus Deficiency Jeffrey Moseley and Arthur R. Grossman 7. Hydrogenases, Hydrogen Production, and Anoxia Matthew C. Posewitz, Alexandra Dubini, Jonathan E. Meuser, Michael Seibert, and Maria L. Ghirardi 8. The CO2-Concentrating Mechanism and Carbon Assimilation Martin H. Spalding 9. Rubisco Katia Wostrikoff and David B. Stern 10. Transition Metal Nutrition: A Balance Between Deficiency and Toxicity Marc Hanikenne, Sabeeha S. Merchant and Patrice Hamel 11. Thioredoxins and Related Proteins Laure Michelet, Mirko Zaffagnini and St√©phane D. Lemaire 12. The Mitochondrial Genome Pierre Cardol and Claire Remacle 13. Oxidative Phosphorylation: Building Blocks and Related Components Pierre Cardol, Francisco Figueroa, Claire Remacle, Lars-Gunnar Franz√©n , and Diego Gonz√°lez-Halphen 14. Light-harvesting Proteins Jun Minagawa 15. Photosystem I Kevin E. Redding 16. Photosystem II: A Structural Perspective Zoee Gokhale and Richard T. Sayre 17. The Cytochrome b6f Complex Catherine de Vitry and Richard Kuras 18. The CF0F1 ATPsynthase-ase Complex of Photosynthesis Giovanni Finazzi, Dominique Drapier and Fabrice Rappaport 19. Chaperones and Proteases Michael Schroda and Olivier Vallon 20. Biosynthesis of Chlorophylls and Hemes Samuel I. Beale 21. Carotenoids Martin Lohr 22. State Transitions Jean-David Rochaix 23. Photoprotection and High Light Responses Krishna K. Niyogi 24. The Chloroplast Genome David Higgs 25. Chloroplast Transcription Uwe Kelin 26. Chloroplast RNA splicing Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont 27. Chloroplast RNA Processing and Stability David L. Herrin 28. Protein Synthesis in the Chloroplast William Zerges and Charles Hauser 29. The CES Process Yves Choquet and Francis-Andr√© Wollman