Brenner and Rector's The Kidney

Text with Continually Updated Online Reference, 2-Volume Set


  • Barry Brenner, MD, AM(Hon), DSc(Hon), DMSc(Hon), FRCP(Lond, Hon), Samuel A. Levine Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Director, Renal Division; and Senior Physician, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA

Brenner & Rector?a legacy of authority?a necessity for state-of-the-art care! This multimedia E-dition allows you to search the entire 2-volume set online, get instant access to regular updates, download images, and more! The revised 8th Edition continues to provide exhaustive, authoritative coverage of nephrology?from basic science through diagnosis and management. Two brand-new sections, Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Kidney Disease and Frontiers in Kidney Disease, as well as fourteen new chapters, including Interventional Nephrology, Endocrine Aspects of Kidney Disease, Plasmapheresis, and many others, keep you on the cusp of the latest advances. Plus, 550 full-color high-quality photographs and abundant algorithms and tables enhance your comprehension.

Hardbound, 2448 pages


Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3110-9

  • I. Normal Renal Function: Molecular, Cellular, Structural, and Physiologic Principles

    1. Embryology and Maturation ? Susan Quaggin

    2. Anatomy and Topography ? Kirsten Madsen

    3. Cell Biology ? Pierre Ronco/Gerard Friedlander

    4. Hemodynamics ? Lance D. Dworkin

    5. Metabolic Basis of Solute Transport ? Bruce C. Kone

    6. Transport of Inorganic Solutes ? David B. Mount

    7. Transport of Organic Solutes ? Orson Moe

    8. Renal Acidification ? Lee L. Hamm

    9. Cell Biology of Vasopressin Action ? Dennis Brown

    10. Urine Concentration and Dilution ? Mark A. Knepper

    II. Integrated Control of Body Fluid Volume and Composition

    11. Vasoactive Peptides and the Kidney ? Mark E. Cooper/Karin Jandeleit-Dahm

    12. Arachidonate Metabolites ? Raymond C. Harris

    13. Extracellular Fluid and Edema Formation ? Karl L. Skorecki

    14. Disorders of Water Balance ? Tomas Berl

    15. Disorders of Acid-Base Balance ? Thomas D. DuBose

    16. Disorders of Potassium Balance ? David B. Mount

    17. Disorders of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphate Balance ? Kevin Martin

    III. Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Kidney Disease

    18. Epidemiology of Kidney Disease ? Josef Coresh

    19. Risk Factors and Kidney Disease ? A. Levey/ V. Menon/M. Sarnak

    20. Nephron Endowment ? Valerie Luyckx/Barry Brenner

    21. Gender and Kidney Disease ? Joel Neugarten

    22. Aging and Kidney Disease ? Moshe Levi

    IV. Evaluation of the Patient with Kidney Disease

    23. Approach to the Patient with Kidney Disease ? Robert Toto

    24. Laboratory Assessment of Kidney Disease ? Bertram L. Kaiske

    25. Interpretation of Urine Electrolyte and Acid-Base Parameters ? Mitchell Halperin

    26. Adaptation to Nephron Loss ? Maarten Taal/Barry Brenner

    27. Renal and Systemic Manifestations of Glomerular Disease ? Sharon Anderson

    28. Diagnostic Kidney Imaging ? William D. Boswell

    29. Interventional Nephrology ? David Warnock

    V. Disorders of Kidney Function

    30. Acute Renal Failure ? Michael Clarkson

    31. Primary Glomerular Disease ? Ronald Falk

    32. Secondary Glomerular Disease ? Gerald Appel

    33. Micro and Macrovascular Diseases of the Kidney ? Kamal F. Badr

    34. Tubulointerstitial Diseases ? Giuseppe Remuzzi/Marc E. de Broe/Noberto Perico

    35. Urinary Tract Infection, Pylonephritis, and Reflux Nephropathy ? Nina E. Tolkoff-Rubin/ Robert Rubin

    36. Urinary Tract Obstruction ? Mark L. Zeidel

    37. Diabetic Nephropathy ? Hans-Henrik Parving

    38. Nephrolithiasis ? David Bushinsky

    39. Renal Neoplasia ? Michael Atkins

    VI. Genetic Basis of Kidney Disease

    40. Inherited Disorders of Podocyte Function ? Martin Pollak

    41. Inherited Disorders of the Renal Tubule ? Daniel G. Bichet

    42. Cystic Diseases of the Kidney ? Jared J. Grantham

    VII. Hypertension and the Kidney

    43. Primary and Secondary Hypertension ? Jon D. Blumenfeld

    44. Renovascular Hypertension and Ischemic Nephropathy ? Stephen C. Textor

    45. Hypertension and Kidney Disease in Pregnancy ? Ravi Thadani

    46. Antihypertensive Drugs ? Matthew R. Weir

    47. Diuretics ? Christopher S. Wilcox

    VIII. The Consequences of Renal Failure

    48. Pathophysiology of Uremia ? Timothy W. Meyer

    49. Cardiovascular Apsects of Kidney Disease ? Patrick Parfrey

    50. Hematologic Aspects of Kidney Disease ? Steven Fishbane

    51. Endocrine Aspects of Kidney Disease ? Ajay K. Singh

    52. Neurologic Aspects of Kidney Disease ? Allen Arief

    53. Renal Osteodystrophies ? Sharon Moe

    IX. Conservative and Pharmacologic Management of Kidney Disease

    54. Diet and Kidney Disease ? Gary Curham /Glenn Chertow

    55. Specific Pharmacologic Approaches to Renoprotection ? Dick DeZeeuw

    56. Erythropoietin Therapy in Renal Disease and Renal Failure ? John C. Stivelman

    57. Vitamin D, Calcimimetics, and Phosphate Binders ? William Goodman

    58. Prescribing Drugs in Kidney Disease ? George R. Aronoff

    X. Invasive Therapy of Renal Failure

    59. Hemodialysis ? Gerald Schulman

    60. Peritoneal Dialysis ? Peter Blake

    61. Intensive Care Nephrology ? Bruce Molitoris

    62. Plasmapheresis ? Bradley M. Denker

    63. Extracorporeal Treatment of Poisoning ? Ingrid Chang

    XI. Renal Transplantation

    64. Immunobiology ? Mohamed Sayegh

    65. Donor and Recipient Issues ? Bertram Kaiske

    66. Clinical Management ? Colm C. Magee

    XII. Frontiers in Nephrology

    67. Attaining Immunologic Tolerance ? Mohamed Sayegh

    68. Xenotransplantation ? David Sachs

    69. Tissue Engineering and Regeneration ? Marc Hammerman

    70. Stem Cells in Renal Biology and Medicine ? Karl L. Skorecki

    71. Genomics and Protemics in Nephrology ? Joseph V. Bonventre


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