MRCPCH MasterCourse

Two Volume Set with DVD and website access


  • Malcolm Levene, MD, FRCP, FRCPCH, FMedSc, Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health, Division of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Leeds, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK

2008 BMA Medical Book Competition Awards:
First Prize Paediatrics

Prepared in conjunction with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), MRCPCH MasterCourse has been constructed as a comprehensive package for trainees facing professional examinations in paediatrics and child health.

Career paediatricians sitting the full MRCPCH examination will require the boxed set. This comprises volumes 1 and 2, a DVD containing video clips of clinical scenarios, and PIN access to a website with self-assessment and further learning materials. This provides all the learning materials required for successful completion of the MRCPCH parts 1 and 2 and MRCPCH Clinical.

For candidates sitting the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) exams and doctors with a primary-care interest in child health, Volume 1 will be sufficient.

Paperback, 848 Pages Pages

Published: April 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone


  • Volume 1:

    How to use this book
    Index of DVD clips
    List of abbreviations
    Module 1: Normal children and child health:

    1. Child health in a changing society
    2. Child development and developmental problems
    3. Psychological and emotional development
    4. Nutrition, infant feeding and weaning

    Module 2: Toolkit for child health and disease

    5. History-taking and physical examination
    6. Diagnosis and management
    7. Communication skills
    8. Evaluation of the newborn
    9. Clinical genetics
    10. Pharmacology and therapeutics
    11. Ethics and children’s rights
    12. Practical procedures and investigations
    13. Evidence-based paediatrics and audit

    Module 3: Child public health

    14. Epidemiology
    15. Screening
    16. Immunization
    17. Health promotion and disease prevention

    Module 4: Community child health

    18. Childhood disability
    19. Adolescent health and health problems
    20. Emotional and behavioural problems: primary care aspects
    21. Child protection in the community

    Module 5: Common problems in primary care

    22. Growth: normal and abnormal
    23. Heart and lung disorders
    24. Brain and movement disorders
    25. Abdominal disorders
    26. Disorders of the urinary tract
    27. Skin disorders

    Volume 2:

    How to use this book
    Index of DVD clips
    List of abbreviations
    Module 6: Childhood disorders 1

    28. Central nervous system
    29. Neuro-developmental disability
    30. Child mental health
    31. The eye and vision
    32. Disorders of hearing, the ear and throat
    33. Disorders of bones and joints
    34. Inborn errors of metabolism
    35. Endocrinology and diabetes
    36. Skin disorders in children
    37. Child abuse and neglect
    38. Child health in developing countries

    Module 7: Childhood disorders 2

    39. Gastroenterology and hepatology
    40. Urinary system
    41. The cardiovascular system
    42. Respiratory paediatrics
    43. Blood and reticuloendothelial disorders
    44. Immunology and infectious disease

    Module 8: The child in hospital

    45. Care of the critically ill child
    46. Neonatology I: problems of the prenatal and perinatal period
    47. Neonatology II: respiratory and cardiac disorders
    48. Neonatology III: neurology, haematology, metabolism and sepsis
    49. Neonatology IV: disorders requiring surgical intervention
    50. Accidents, poisoning and ALTEs
    51. Oncology and palliative care


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