Mosby's Nursing Video Skills DVD 3.0 Package: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced


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Help students learn how to correctly perform basic, intermediate, and advanced nursing procedures with these interactive, engaging videos. Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of over 125 key nursing procedures present the skills needed for confident performance in labs and clinicals. For each skill, students can also test their understanding with NCLEX® examination-style review questions with rationales.


Published: August 2008

Imprint: Mosby


  • Basic Infection Control
    • Performing hand hygiene
    • Using personal protective equipment
    • Performing a complete or partial bed bath
    • Assisting with a tub bath or shower
    • Performing back massage
    • Performing perineal care for the female patient
    • Performing perineal care for the male patient
    • Making the unoccupied bed
    • Making the occupied bed
    Safe Patient Handling
    • Assisting with moving and positioning a patient in bed
    • Transferring from bed to wheelchair using a transfer belt
    • Transferring from bed to a stretcher
    • Performing passive range-of-motion exercises
    • Applying elastic stockings
    • Assisting with ambulation using a gait belt
    • Using a sequential compression device
    • Using a hydraulic lift
    Assisting with Elimination
    • Assisting with a urinal
    • Assisting with a bedpan
    • Applying a condom catheter
    • Administering a cleansing enema
    • Providing catheter care
    Nutrition & Fluids
    • Assisting with meals
    • Taking aspiration precautions
    • Measuring intake and output
    Personal Hygiene & Grooming
    • Performing oral hygiene for an unconscious patient
    • Cleaning dentures
    • Performing hair care and shampooing in bed
    • Shaving a male patient
    • Performing nail and foot care
    • Assisting with gown change
    Vital Signs
    • Measuring height and weight
    • Assessing radial pulse
    • Assessing apical pulse
    • Assessing apical-radial pulse
    • Assessing respiration
    • Assessing pain
    • Taking a temperature with electronic thermometers
    • Taking a temperature with tympanic thermometers
    • Obtaining blood pressure by the one-step method
    • Obtaining blood pressure by the two-step method
    • Measuring oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry
    Restraints and Alternatives
    • Using restraint alternatives
    • Applying restraints
    Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care
    • Assessing wounds
    • Irrigating wounds
    • Changing dressings
    • Managing wound drainage systems
    • Caring for pressure ulcers
    Enteral Nutrition
    • Inserting a nasogastric feeding tube
    • Providing enteral feedings
    • Irrigating a feeding tube
    • Removing a feeding tube
    Infection Control
    • Establishing & maintaining sterile field
    • Adding items to a sterile field
    • Pouring a sterile solution
    • Using a pre-packaged sterile kit
    • Performing sterile gloving
    Ostomy Care
    • Pouching a colostomy
    • Pouching a ureterostomy
    Respiratory Care and Suctioning
    • Ensuring oxygen safety
    • Setting oxygen flow rates
    • Applying a nasal cannula or a face mask
    • Maintaining an airway
    • Providing tracheostomy care
    • Performing oropharyngeal suctioning
    • Performing nasotracheal suctioning
    • Suctioning an artificial airway
    Postoperative Nursing Care
    • Providing postoperative care
    • Managing pain
    • Managing a nasogastric tube
    Preoperative Nursing Care
    • Performing a preoperative assessment
    • Promoting family support and participation
    • Teaching postoperative exercises and pain management
    • Preparing a patient for surgery
    Specimen Collection
    • Collecting a midstream urine specimen
    • Performing fecal occult blood testing
    • Performing gastric occult blood and pH testing
    • Collecting a sputum specimen
    • Collecting a specimen for wound culture
    • Performing blood glucose testing
    • Screening urine for chemical properties
    Urinary Catheter Management
    • Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a female patient
    • Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a male patient
    • Irrigating a urinary catheter
    • Performing intermittent straight catheterization
    • Obtaining a sterile urine specimen
    • Removing indwelling urinary catheter
    • Caring for suprapubic catheter
    Safe Medication Administration
    • Ensuring The Six Rights of Medication Administration
    • Documenting medication administration
    • Handling variations in medication administration
    • Preventing medication errors
    • Using specialty medication administration systems
    Nonparenteral Medications
    • Administering topical medications
    • Applying an estrogen patch or nitroglycerin paste
    • Administering eye medications
    • Administering eardrops
    • Using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI)
    • Using a dry powder inhaler (DPI)
    • Inserting a rectal suppository
    • Administering oral medication
    Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy
    • Preparing an infusion site
    • Performing venipuncture and initiating infusion
    • Dressing infusion site
    • Troubleshooting intravenous infusions
    • Discontinuing intravenous therapy
    Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy
    • Regulating intravenous infusions
    • Using an infusion pump
    • Changing intravenous tubing and fluids
    • Changing intravenous dressings
    Intravenous Medication Administration
    • Adding medications to intravenous fluid container
    • Administering medications by intravenous piggyback
    • Administering medications by mini-infusion pump
    • Administering medications by intravenous bolus
    Parenteral Nutrition
    • Total parenteral nutrition therapy
    • Providing a lipid infusion
    • Preparing injections from an ampule
    • Preparing injections from a vial
    • Preparing insulin
    • Drawing up more than one type of insulin
    • Administering intradermal injections
    • Administering subcutaneous injections
    • Administering intramuscular injections
    Vascular Access
    • Performing dressing care
    • Drawing blood and administering fluid
    • Troubleshooting vascular access devices


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