Handbook of Management Accounting Research

Edited by

  • Christopher S. Chapman, Professor, Imperial College London, UK
  • Anthony G. Hopwood, Professor, University of Oxford, UK
  • Michael D. Shields, Professor, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA

Volume two of the Handbooks of Management Accounting Research consists of two groups of chapters. The first draw together research that has focussed on particular management accounting practices. The second set synthesise contributions to the literature that have been focussed within particular organisational contexts. Volume two concludes with a review of research on how management accounting practice and research varies around the world. Special pricing available if purchased as a set with Volume 1.
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Book information

  • Published: December 2006
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-044754-4
  • 5-Year Impact Factor:


Management accounting practices 2.01 Managing Costs and Cost Structure throughout the Value Chain: Research on Strategic Cost Management (Anderson); 2.02 Target Costing: Uncharted Research Territory (Ansari, Bell and Okano); 2.03 Cost and Profit Driver Research (Banker and Johnston); 2.04 Analytical Modelling of Cost in Management Accounting Research (Christensen and Hemmer); 2.05 Transfer Pricing: The Implications of Fiscal Compliance (Cools & Emmanuel); 2.06 Budgeting Research: Three Theoretical Perspectives and Criteria for Selective Integration (Covaleski, Evans, Luft, and Shields); 2.07 Management Control of the Complex Organization: Relationships between Management Accounting and Information Technology (Dechow, Granlund & Mouritsen); 2.08 A Review of Activity-Based Costing (ABC): Technique, Implementation, and Consequences (Gosselin); 2.09 An Economic Perspective on Transfer Pricing (Göx & Schiller); 2.10 A Review of the Literature on Capital Budgeting and Investment Appraisal: Past, Present, and Future Musings (Haka); 2.11 Management Accounting and Operations Management: Understanding the Challenges from Integrated Manufacturing (Hansen & Mouritsen); 2.12 Extending the boundaries: Non-financial Performance Measures (Ittner and Larcker); 2.13 A Review of the Literature on Performance Measures and Compensation (Ittner and Larcker); 2.14 A Review of Quantitative Research in Management Control Systems and Strategy (Langfield-Smith); 2.15 A Review of the Literature on Control & Accountability (Merchant and Otley); Management accounting practice contexts 2.16 Accounting and Control in Health Care: Behavioural, Organisational, Sociological and Critical Perspectives (Abernethy, Chua, Grafton & Mahama); 2.17 Management Accounting in the Manufacturing Sector: Managing Costs at the Design and Production Stages (Davila and Wouters); 2.18 Management Accounting and Control in Health Care: An Economics Perspective (Eldenburg and Krishnan); 2.19 Accounting in an Inter-organisational Setting (Hakansson and Lind); Management accounting around the world 2.20 The History of Management Accounting in France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain (Carmona); 2.21 Management Accounting Practices in the People's Republic of China (Chow, Duh & Xiao); 2.22 The Development of Cost and Management Accounting in Britain (Boyns & Edwards); 2.23 Management Accounting Theory and Practice in German-speaking Countries (Ewert & Wagenhofer); 2.24 The history of Management Accounting in the US (Fleischman & Tyson); 2.25 Development of Cost and Management Accounting Ideas in the Nordic Countries (Nasi & Rohde); 2.26 A history of Japanese Mangement Accounting (Okano & Suzuki).