Handbook of the Economics of Finance SET:Volumes 2A & 2B

Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing

Edited by

  • George M. Constantinides
  • Milton Harris
  • Rene M. Stulz

This two-volume set of 23 articles authoritatively describes recent scholarship in corporate finance and asset pricing. Volume 1 concentrates on corporate finance, encompassing topics such as financial innovation and securitization, dynamic security design, and family firms. Volume 2 focuses on asset pricing with articles on market liquidity, credit derivatives, and asset pricing theory, among others. Both volumes present scholarship about the 2008 financial crisis in contexts that highlight both continuity and divergence in research. For those who seek insightful perspectives and important details, they demonstrate how corporate finance studies have interpreted recent events and incorporated their lessons.

Graduate students and professors worldwide working in all subdisciplines of economics and finance

Hardbound, 2074 Pages Pages

Published: December 2012

Imprint: North-holland


  • "The authors of these excellent articles take readers to the current frontiers of finance and beyond them.  The articles present finance as a field in which the best practitioners use sophisticated theories to make sense of the extensive datasets now available to observers of financial outcomes."

    Thomas J. Sargent, Nobel Laureate, New York University

    "A scholarly compendium of contemporary research in Financial Economics which will be of great value not only for researchers in finance but also for researchers throughout economics, including money and banking, growth and development, international economics, public finance, and macro economics."

    Edward C. Prescott, Nobel Laureate, Arizona State University

    "This Handbook provides a timely and comprehensive account of the state-of-the-art of Financial Economics, including corporate finance and asset pricing, written by many of the leading names in their respective fields."

    Harry M.Markowitz, Nobel Laureate, University of California, San Diego


  • VOLUME 2A:  Corporate Finance

    Securitization (G. Gorton, A. Metrick)

    Dynamic Security Design and Corporate Financing (Y. Sannikov)

    Do Taxes Affect Corporate Decisions? A Review (J. Graham)

    Executive Compensation: Where We are, and How We Got There (K. Murphy)

    Behavioral Corporate Finance: An Updated Survey (M. Baker, J. Wurgler)

    Law and Finance After a Decade of Research (R. La Porta, F. Lopez-de-Silanes, A. Shleifer)

    Endogeneity in Empirical Corporate Finance (M. Roberts, T. Whited)

    A Survey of Venture Capital Research (M. Da Rin, T. Hellman, M. Puri)

    Entrepreneurship and the Family Firm (V. Mehrotra, R. Morck)

    Financing in Developing Countries (M. Ayyagari, A. Demirguc-Kunt, V. Maksimovic)

    Financial Intermediation, Markets, and Alternative Financial Sectors (F. Allen, E. Carletti, J. Qian)

    VOLUME 2B: Financial Markets and Asset Pricing

    Advances in Consumption-Based Asset Pricing: Empirical Tests (S. Ludvigson)

    Bond Pricing and the Macroeconomy (G. Duffee)

    Investment Performance: A Review and Synthesis (W. Ferson)

    Mutual Funds (N. Elton, M. Gruber)

    Hedge Funds (W. Fung, D Hsieh)

    Financial Risk Measurement for Financial Risk Management (T. Andersen, T. Bollerslev, P. Christoffersen, F. Diebold)

    Bubbles, Financial Crises, and Systemic Risk (M. Brunnermeier, M. Oehmke)

    Market Liquidity-Theory and Empirical Evidence (D. Vayanos, J. Wang)

    Credit Derivatives (J. Hull, A. White)

    Household Finance: An Emerging Field (L. Guiso, P. Sodini)

    The Behavior of Individual Investors (B. Barber, T. Odean)

    Risk Pricing over Alternative Investment Horizons (L. Hansen)


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