ECGs Made Easy - Book and Pocket Reference Package


  • Barbara Aehlert, RN, BSPA, Southwest EMS Education Inc., Phoenix, AZ and Pursley, TX, USA

Known for its conversational style, Barbara Aehlert’s ECGs Made Easy offers clear explanations and plenty of practice exercises that make it easier than ever to understand and interpret basic dysrhythmias. Each ECG rhythm includes a sample rhythm strip and a discussion of possible patient symptoms and general treatment guidelines. Student-friendly features include ECG Pearl boxes with insights based on real-world experience, and Drug Pearl boxes highlighting medications used to treat dysrhythmias. This package includes a handy pocket reference for on-the-go access to the most essential information, plus a plastic heart rate calculator ruler for fast interpretation of rhythms.


Published: November 2012

Imprint: Mosby


  • 1. Anatomy and Physiology

    2. Basic Electrophysiology

    3. Sinus Mechanisms

    4. Atrial Rhythms

    5. Junctional Rhythms

    6. Ventricular Rhythms

    7. Atrioventricular (AV) Blocks

    8. Pacemaker Rhythms

    9. Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG

    10. Post-Test



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