Mouse Development book cover

Mouse Development

Patterning, Morphogenesis, and Organogenesis

This book represents a classic compilation of current knowledge about mouse development and its correlates to research in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, and neuroscience. Emphasis is placed on the research strategy, experimental design, and critical analysis of the data, disguishing this from other books that only focus on protocols for mouse developmental research. Selected chapters are indexed to electronic databases such as GeneBank, GenBank, Electronic Mouse Atlas, and Transgenic/Knockout, further increasing the utility of this book as a reference.

Developmental biologists, cell biologists, and molecular biologists.

Hardbound, 712 Pages

Published: March 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-597951-1


  • "...two of the most respected mouse developmental biologists have produced an exceptional book. Right from the outset, it highlights the incredible explosion in our knowledge and understanding of mammalian development over the past decade...will sit very comfortably upon any bookshelf."
    —Paul Trainor, Stowers Institute for Medical Research for NATURE CELL BIOLOGY (September 2002)

    " excellent resource for scientists interested in any of the selected topics covered by one of the authors."
    —DOODY'S NOTES (2002)


  • Establishment of Body PatternFertilization and Activation of the Embryonic Genome Asymmetry and Pre-Pattern in Mammalian Development Anterior Posterior Patterning of the Mouse Body Axis at Gastrulation Left-Right Asymmetry Patterning, Regionalization and Cell Differentiation in the ForebrainEstablishment of Anterior-Posterior and Dorsal-Ventral Pattern in the Early Central Nervous System Somitogenesis: Segmentation of the Paraxial Mesoderm and the Delineation of Tissue Compartments II. Lineage Specification and DifferentiationExtraembryonic tissuesGerm Cells Development of the Vertebrate Hematopoetic System Vasculogenesis and Angiogenesis Stem Cells of the Nervous System Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle DevelopmentChondrogenesis and SkeletogenesisIII. OrganogenesisDevelopment of the Endoderm and its Tissue Derivatives Heart Development: Induction, Myogenesis and PatterningSex Determination and Differentiation The Development of the Excretory System Craniofacial Development Pituitary Gland Development Sensory Organs: Eye Development of the Mouse Inner Ear Integumentary Structures


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