Motivation, Ability and Confidence Building in People book cover

Motivation, Ability and Confidence Building in People

In order to get the best out of people in organisations, managers need to address the fundamental principals of people management: those of motivation, ability and confidence building. This proposed book aims to bring together clarity and understanding of these three main areas in one text with anecdotes and practical examples to enable managers to gain demonstrable improvements in organisational performance through their people. The material will be underpinned with just enough theory to establish a rationale for practice.While a highly practical text, the aim is to meet many of the learning outcome requirements of the Certificate in Management and Diploma in Management people management / empowerment modules

Training managers/HR people, with secondary market being line managers. Executive courses and management training programmes. mentoring and lifestyle coaching skills for business owners, managers and employees Supplementary management textbook.


Published: November 2006

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-6500-1


  • Introduction; A Short History of Management: Motivation Building; A Definition of Motivation; Are They Motivated?; Approaches to Motivation; Motivating Individuals; Motivating Teams; Effort, Performance, and Reward; Selling the Vision; Mackay’s Motivation Development Model;Ability Building: The Learning Organisation; Life Long Learning & CPD; Individual Learning Styles; Management Style and Ability Development; Mackay’s Ability Development Model; Confidence Building: Self-Esteem; Assertiveness; Achievement; Building Confidence Through Constructive Feedback; Mackay’s Confidence Development Model; Times are Changing; The Future of Work


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