Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine book cover

Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine

Advanced Techniques and Controversies

New motion-preserving devices are revolutionizing spine surgery…but the learning curve for these operations is steep, and great attention must be given to patient and device selection and the perfect execution of each procedure. Only one reference spells out exactly how to perform these new techniques…and its peerless author team, comprised of key investigators involved in the devices' actual clinical trials, is uniquely qualified to help you get the best results! These global leaders in this area discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the full range of non-fusion technologies…and present the step-by-step, richly illustrated operative guidance you need to achieve optimal outcomes! 3 hours of surgical video on DVD demonstrate how to perform key procedures, and access to the complete contents of the book online enables you to reference it conveniently from any computer.

Spine Surgeons/Orthopaedists and Neurosurgeons

Hardbound, 816 Pages

Published: May 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3994-5


  • Part I: Introduction to Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine (Editor: James Yue)

    01 The Basis for Motion Preservation Surgery: Lessons Learned from the Past, Alvin McKenzie
    02 History and Evolution of Motion Preservation, Rajiv K. Sethi, Lionel Metz, & David S. Bradford
    03 Classification of Spine Arthroplasty Devices, Karin Büttner-Janz
    04 Advanced Applied Anatomy for Spine Arthroplasty, Alexander Vaccaro & Wolfgang Rauschning
    05 Biomechanics of Nonfusion Devices: Novel Testing Techniques, Standards, and Implications for Future Devices, Boyle C. Cheng & William C. Welch
    06 Material Properties and Wear Analysis, Nadim James Halleb, Marcus Wimmer, & Joshua J. Jacobs
    07 Preclinical Evaluation of Dynamic Spinal Stabilization: Animal Models and Basic Scientific Methods, Bryan W. Cunningham & Paul A. Anderson
    08 Indications and Contra-indications for Lumbar Nonfusion Surgery: Patient Selection, James J. Yue & James P. Lawrence
    09 Indications and Contraindications for Cervical Nonfusion Surgery: Patient Selection, Paul C. McAfee
    10 Quantitative Motion Analysis of Motion Preserving and Fusion Technologies of the Spine, John A. Hipp & Nicholas D. Wharton
    11 Invasive Diagnostic Tools, Todd Alamin
    12 Adjacent Segment Degeneration and Adjacent Segment Disease: Cervical and Lumbar, Andrew P. White, David Hannallah, & Alan S. Hilibrand
    13 Statistical Outcome Interpretation of Randomized Clinical Trials, Fred Geisler
    14 Socioeconomic Impact of Motion Preservation Technology, Richard D. Guyer & Donna D. Ohnmeiss

    Part II: Surgical Considerations to Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine (Editor: Paul C. McAfee)

    Approach Techniques: Primary

    15 Technique of Anterior Exposure of Lumbar Spine, Bauer E. Sumpio
    16 Management of Complications of the Anterior Exposure to the Lumbar Spine, Kristina Spate & Bauer E. Sumpio
    17 Lateral Approaches to the Lumbar Spine: The Antero-lateral Transpsoatic Approach, Rudolf Bertagnoli
    18 Minimally Invasive Posterior Approaches of the Lumbar Spine, Jean-Charles Le Huec & Richard Meyrat
    19 Lumbar Endoscopic Posterolateral (Transforaminal) Approach, Christopher A. Yeung, Victor M. Hayes, Farhan N. Siddiqi, Anthony T. Yeung
    20 Cervical Approaches: Anterior and Posterior, Domagoj Coric & Daniel Oberer

    Part III: Cervical Total Disc Arthroplasty (Editor: Paul C. McAfee)

    21 Primary Indications and Disc Space Preparation for Cervical Disc Arthroplasty, Jacob M. Buchowski & K. Daniel Riew
    22 The Bryan® Artificial Disc, Rick C. Sasso & Larry Martin
    23 The Prestige® Cervical Disc, Vincent C. Traynelis
    24 Porous-Coated Motion Cervical Arthroplasty, Paul C. McAfee
    25 ProDisc-C® Total Cervical Disc Replacement, Rick B. Delamarter & Ben B. Pradhan
    26 The NeoDisc™ Elastomeric Cervical Total Disc Replacement, Andre Jackowski, Alan McLeod, Chris Reah, Bryan Cornwall, Lukas Eiserman, & Alex Turner
    27 Mobi-C®, Jacques Beaurain, Pierre Bernard, Thierry Dufour, Jean-Marc Fuentes, Istvan Hovorka, Jean Huppert, Jean-Paul Steib, & Jean-Marc Vital
    28 The CerviCore® Cervical Intervertebral Disc Replacement, Jonathan R. Stieber, Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, & Jean-Jacques Abitbol
    29 Secure®-C Cervical Artificial Disc, Scott A. Rushton, Joseph M. Marzluff, & Jeffrey McConnell
    30 Cerpass™ Cervical Total Disc Replacement, Scott H. Kitchel, Lukas Eisermann, Alex Turner, David Cutter, & Bryan Cornwall
    31 Kineflex|C™ Cervical Artificial Disc, James Rappaport
    32 DISCOVER™ Artificial Cervical Disc, Douglas G. Orndorff, Kornelis Poelstra, & Todd J. Albert
    33 The M6 Artificial Cervical Disc, Alejandro Reyes-Sanchez, Avinash Patwardhan, Jon E. Block
    34 Complications of Anterior Cervical Approaches: Cervical Revision: Approach-Related Considerations, Paul C. McAfee
    35 Cervical Disc Replacement Revisions: Clinical and Biomechanical Considerations, Luiz Pimenta, Roberto Díaz, Paul C. McAfee, Andy Cappuccino, Bryan Cunningham, Hazem Nicola, Juliano Tozzo Lhamby, & Ihab Guarzedin
    36 Persistent Pain after Cervical Arthroplasty, Thomas B. Ducke, Brian J. Sullivan, Gary A. Dix

    Part IV: Lumbar Total Disc Arthroplasty (Section Editor: Rudolf Bertagnoli)

    37 Disc Space Preparation Techniques for Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty, Jorge Jaramillo & James J. Yue
    38 CHARITÉ® Artificial Disc, Scott L. Blumenthal & Donna D. Ohnmeiss
    39 ProDisc®-L Total Disc Replacement, Rick B. Delamarter & Ben B. Pradhan
    40 Mobidisc® Disc Prosthesis, J-P Steib, L Aubourg, J Beaurain, J Delecrin, J Allain, H Chataigner, I Bogorin, M Ameil, T Dufour, & J Stecken
    41 The FlexiCore® Intervertebral Disc, Jonathan Stieber, Tom Errico
    42 Kineflex™, Ulrich R. Hähnle, Malan De Villiers, Ian R. Weinberg
    43 Activ-L™ Artificial Disc, James J. Yue & Rolando Garcia
    44 Maverick™ Total Disc Replacement, Matthew F. Gornet
    45 Theken eDisc™: A Second-Generation Lumbar Artificial Disc, Richard Navarro, Randall Theken, Ravi Ananthan, Christopher Cole, James Price, Charles Park, & Vijay Goel
    46 Lateral Lumbar Total Disc Replacement, Luiz Pimenta, Thomas Schaffa, Juliano Lhamby, Ihab Gharzeddine, Etevaldo Coutinho
    47 Lumbar Anterior Revision: Pre-op Preparation and Approach Considerations, Samer Saiedy & Justin Tortalani
    48 Overall Revision Strategies: Lumbar, Matthew Scott-Young & Frank Daday
    49 Revision Strategies Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement Complications, Luiz Pimenta, Thomas Schaffa, Juliano Lhamby
    50 Persistent Pain after Lumbar Total Disc Replacement, Jonathan Stieber & Jeffrey A. Goldstein

    Part V: Lumbar Partial Disc Replacement: Nucleus Replacement (Section Editor : Howard S. An)

    51 DASCOR®, Michael Ahrens, Anthony Tsantrizos, & Jean Charles Le Huec
    52 PDN® and Hydraflex™ Nucleus Replacement System, Reginald Davis
    53 NeuDisc™ Artificial Lumbar Nucleus Replacment, Anthony T. Yeung, Ann Prewett, & James J. Yue
    54 NuCore™ Injectable Nucleus: An In-Situ Curing Nucleus Replacement, Othmar Schwarzenbach, Ulrich Berlemann, & Tom Wilson
    55 Aquarelle Hydrogel Disc Nucleus, Qi-Bin Bao & Hansen Yuan
    56 BioDisc™ Nucleus Pulposus Replacement, Douglas Wardlaw
    57 TranS1® Percutaneous Nucleus Replacement (PNR™), Roberto Diaz, Luiz Pimenta, Hazem Nicola, Larry Khoo, Rick Sasso, Bradley Wessman, & Andrew Cragg
    58 NUBAC™ Intradiscal Arthroplasty, Qi-Bin Bao, Matthew Songer, Luiz Pimenta, & Hansen Yuan
    59 Satellite: Spherical Partial Disc Replacement, Robert Biscup & Vinod Podichetty

    Part VI: Lumbar Posterior Dynamic Stabilization: Pedicle Screw Based (Section Editor: James J. Yue)

    60 Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization System, Reginald Davis
    61 Dynamic Stabilization System, Dilip K. Sengupta
    62 The Stabilimax™ NZ Posterior Lumbar Dynamic Stabilization System, James J. Yue, George Malcolmon, Jens Peter Timm
    63 Scient’x IsoBar TTL Dynamic Rod Stabilization. A. E. Castellvi & S. A. Andrew
    64 Cosmic®: Dynamic Stabilization of the Degenerated Lumbar Spine, Archibald von Strempel
    65 Innovative Spinal Technologies Dynamic Stabilization Device, Dennis Colleran
    66 NFlex™, Corey J. Wallach, Andelle Teng, & Jeffrey C. Wang
    67 The Percudyn System, Juan Dipp, Ricardo Flores, German Rodriquez

    Part VII: Lumbar Posterior Dynamic Stabilization: Interspinous Based (Section Editor: James J. Yue)

    68 DIAM™ Spinal Stabilization System, Giancarlo Guizzardi & Piero Petrini
    69 Wallis Dynamic Stabilization, Nick Boeree
    70 coflex™ Interspinous Implant for Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine, Gary L. Lowery, Rudolf Bertagnoli, & Robert J. Chomiak
    71 X STOP® Interspinous Process Decompression for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Cary Idler, James F. Zucherman, Ken Y. Hsu, & Matthew Hannibal

    Part VIII: Lumbar Facet Replacement (Section Editor : James J. Yue)

    72 TOPS™ Total Posterior Arthroplasty System, Larry Khoo & Uri Arnin
    73 Total Facet Arthroplasty System (TFAS™), Scott A. Webb & Gordon N. Holen
    74 Anatomic Facet Replacement System (AFRS™), Allen Carl, Carlos Oliveira, Robert Hoy, William Lavelle, Vijay Goel, & Bryan Cunningham
    75 The Zyre™ Facet Replacement Device, Carl Lauryssen, Scott H. Kitchel, & Jason D. Blain
    76 FENIX™ Facet Resurfacing Implant, Teddy Fagerstrom & Horace Hale

    Part IX : Hybrid Nonfusion Techniques (Section Editor : Howard S. An)

    77 Cervical Disc Replacement Combined with Cervical Laminoplasty, Seok Woo Kim & Paul C. McAfee
    78 Hybrid Non-fusion Techniques, Rudolf Bertagnoli
    79 Dynamic Pedicle-Screw Stabilization with Nucleus Replacement, Rolando Garcia, Jr., Brett Osborn
    80 Simultaneous Lumbar Fusion and Total Disc Replacement, Scott L. Blumenthal, Fred Geisler, Thomas Roush, & Donna D. Ohnmeiss

    Part X: Annular Repair (Section Editor: Howard S. An)

    81 Repair and Reconstruction of the Anulus Fibrosus with the Inclose™ Surgical Mesh System, Joseph C. Cauthen & Steven L. Griffith
    82 The Intrinsic Therapeutics Barricaid® Device, Jacob Einhorn, Oscar Yeh, Greg Lambrecht, Allen Carl

    Part XI: Cell-Based Biologic Scientific Methods and Future Clinical Applications (Section Editor: Howard S. An)

    83 Animal Models for Human Disc Degeneration, Kern Singh, Koichi Masuda, & Howard S. An
    84 Growth Factors for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration, Koichi Masuda & Howard S. An
    85 Cell Therapy for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration, Daisuke Sakai & Joji Mochida
    86 Gene Therapy for Intervertebral Repair and Regeneration, Corey A. Pacek, Gwendolyn A. Sowa, & James D. Kang
    87 Autologous Chondrocyte Disc Transplant: Early Clinical Results, Rudolf Bertagnoli

    Part XII: Controversies (Section Editor: Rudolf Bertagnoli)

    88 The Development of a Personalized Hybrid EMG-Assisted/Finite Element Biomechanical Model to Assess Surgical Options, W.S. Marras, G. Knapik, J. Gabriel
    89 Spinal Deformity and Motion-Sparing Technology, Paul C. McAfee
    90 Can Lumbar Disc Replacement Be Used Adjacent to a Scoliotic Deformity?, Thierry Marnay
    91 OrthoBiom™: A Non-fusion Treatment for Pediatric Scoliosis, Charles H. Rivard, Christine Coillard, Souad Rhalmi, Sylvie Charette, & Marco Bérard
    92 Considerations for Spinal Arthroplasty in the Elderly and Osteoporotic, James Yue & Rudolf Bertagnoli
    93 Multilevel Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty, Rudolf Bertagnoli
    94 Posterior Lumbar Arthroplasty, Manoj Krishna
    95 Cervical Arthroplasty with Myelopathy, Jonathon R. Ball & Lali H.S. Sekhon
    96 Cervical Arthroplasty Adjacent to Fusion, Multiple Cases, and Hybrid Applications, Paul C. McAfee, Matthew Scott-Young, & Rudolf Bertagnoli
    97 The Future of Motion Preservation, Stephen H. Hochschuler & Donna D. Ohnmeiss


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