Mosby's Respiratory Care Equipment

Stay ahead of the curve with the most clinically relevant equipment text on the market, now updated with the latest equipment and most in-depth information. You’ll appreciate the thorough and systematic coverage of equipment used by respiratory therapists in all areas of practice including neonates and pediatrics, cardiovascular diagnostics, and the growing field of sleep medicine. Chapters combine theory with the latest advances in new devices and techniques, computer-assisted technologies, pharmacological agents, and clinical practice guidelines. Unlike other texts, Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment explains the mechanics of the equipment while maintaining a focus on the clinical applications. Instead of just reading a technical description of ventilators you’ll learn how to select modes, set parameters, monitor the equipment, and respond to alarms. This “how to” approach prepares you to work with the entire spectrum of equipment.

Book, 856 Pages

Published: June 2009

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09378-1


  • Chapter 1: Basic Physics for the Respiratory Therapist

    Chapter 2: Manufacture, Storage, and Transport of Medical Gases

    Chapter 3: Administering Medical Gases: Regulators, Flowmeters, and Controlling Devices

    Chapter 4: Humidity and Aerosol Therapy

    Chapter 5: Principles of Infection Control

    Chapter 6: Airway Management Devices

    Chapter 7: Lung Expansion Therapy

    Chapter 8: Assessment of Pulmonary Function

    Chapter 9: Assessment of Cardiovascular Function

    Chapter 10: Blood Gas Monitoring

    Chapter 11: Introduction to Ventilators

    Chapter 12: Mechanical Ventilators: General-Use Devices

    Chapter 13: Infant and Pediatric Ventilators

    Chapter 14: Transport, Home-Care, and Alternative Ventilatory Devices

    Chapter 15: Sleep Diagnostics


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