Mosby's Pocket Guide to Infusion Therapy

Based on recognized standards of practice, Mosby's Pocket Guide to Infusion Therapy offers RN and LPN nursing students and practitioners a practical, concise resource for learning or reviewing current approaches to infusion therapy as well as a dependable IV pocket reference. Divided into consistent key sections, such as Troubleshooting Tips, Guidelines for Specific Procedures, Pain Management, and Helpful Hints, nurses can rely on this powerful pocket reference daily for their infusion therapy needs. And with the latest information on products, guidelines, and screening procedures, nurses can be sure they are staying current with the latest innovations and trends in the field.

Paperback, 560 Pages

Published: October 2004

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-03196-7


  • 1. Infusion Therapy

    2. Venipuncture

    3. Central Venous Catheters

    4. Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

    5. IV Fluids

    6. IV Medication Administration

    7. Blood and Blood Component Administration

    8. Chemotherapy Administration

    9. Parenteral Nutrition

    10. Vascular Access in Adult Critical Care

    11. Pediatric Infusion Therapy

    12. Home Care Infusion Therapy

    13. Calculations for IV Infusions

    14. Professional Resources



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